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More Proof: Vikings Fans Really Are the Worst

Who would want to watch this guy play?

Who would want to watch this guy play?

As if we needed more proof that Minnesota Vikings fans are the worst fans in the NFL, but here you have it.

Apparently, a 7-1 record and an all-star offense with quarterback Brett Favre and running back Adrian Peterson isn’t enough to draw Vikings fans to the MetroBarn. The team is facing possible blackouts if it can’t sell an estimated 4,000 remaining tickets for their upcoming home game against Detroit and 3,500 tickets for the following Sunday against Seattle.

The Lions and Seahawks are by no means elite NFL teams, but the Queens could be 9-1 if they win both games – their best start since 1998.

It’s absolutely pathetic that the Vikings can’t sell tickets – whether they’re winning or whether they’re losing. Last season, the Vikings were at risk of a local blackout for their wild card playoff game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles – yes, A PLAYOFF GAME. In fact, the NFL had to give the team two extensions to sell the remaining tickets, and only 55 percent of season ticket holders even bought tickets to the game. Wow.

However, in a way, I don’t blame Vikings fans. The MetroBarn is one of the worst stadiums in the NFL, and who really wants to watch football inside a crappy dome? The atmosphere isn’t great and the fans are rude and obnoxious. The product on the field is usually mediocre at best, too.

But COME ON, people. What’s it going to take for you to want to watch your team play in person this season? A 10-1 record? 11-1? The return of Cris Carter and John Randle? I don’t get it.

The bandwagon is chugging along in full gear, Minnesotans, jump on board. It’s what you’re famous for.



Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. Dustin November 4, 2009

    Ya, I agree what crappy fans… Almost as bad as those Packer fans that boo a legend of 16 years. It would be like the the Bulls Booing MJ when he played for the Wizards. The only difference is they had class and gave him a standing ovation, knowing what he did for that organization. Also Minny has how many pro sport teams? Twins(playoffs), Wild, T Wolves(equal to brewers), Vikings. How many pro teams does Wisc have?

  2. Nick November 4, 2009

    More proof: Packers fans really are jealous….If this problem existed in only Minnesota, I’d see your point. But it doesn’t. And I’ll agree with you about the Dome blowing harder than its own air-aided roof. We DON’T have a Lambeau. But, if this is somehow supposed to be a shot, come a little closer to the bow. It’s not a bandwagon, it’s a ship. And ours is sailing, captained by some guy named FAVRE!!!!!

  3. Dave3000 November 4, 2009

    blah, blah, blah. If you’ve ever been to a game at the dome, you know the fans there get louder than in any other stadium in the NFL, including the suckbox that is Lambeau. We Minnesotan’s also have the luxury of doing other things on the weekend other than going to a football game, let alone a game against the two most boring teams in the NFL (the third most boring team, your Packers, are only watched here in MN because we so enjoy beating the crap out of you). We can go to museums, concerts, plays, or spend the afternoon downtown. Sure we love the Vikes, but it’s not the only thing we have going on. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to sell tickets in Green Bay, seeing as how the alternative to watching the pack is to get drunk in the back of some truck parked in a field. You also mention “bandwagon”, well, I’ve never seen so many people jump off the Favre bandwagon when he signed with the vikes. Don’t get me wrong, I hated him then, I hate him now, but every Wisconsionite was ready to throw themselves off a building (which probably wouldn’t do much since there are no buildings in Green Bay taller than 30 ft) when he signed with the vikes.

    So, please keep our names out of your mouth, and next year we may let you win a game. Deal?

  4. PackersFaninMN November 4, 2009


    Stick to the totalvikings.com site
    Oh thats right there isn’t a dedicated
    Vikings fan to get one rolling……

    GO PACK!

  5. Nick November 4, 2009


  6. I h8 packers November 4, 2009

    Hey PackersFaninMN – Clearly you haven’t used your computer for more than checking out this lame web-site or looking at naked pictures of Wisconsin sweat hogs which I’m sure you so dearly love. There is a little site called Google. If you search under “vikings fan sites” you will see that there are a number of fan sites dedicated to the greatest team in the NFC north. For example we have purplepride.org, wearevikingsfans.com, purple-pride.com, thevikingage.com, dailynorsman.com, the list goes on and on and on. So please PackersFaninMN do some fact checking before you post your ridiculous mental meanderings.

    And Dave3000, “getting drunk in the back of a truck parked in a field” – hilarious!

  7. shoelss November 4, 2009

    More Proof: Packers team really is the worst.

    Packers can’t beat the Vikings on the field so their fans go in search of other places they think can: the stands, the record books, etc. That’s just music to our ears, Disgruntled Packer fans.

  8. Steffen November 4, 2009

    Dustin – I don’t know where to start. Pretty much everything in your post is wrong – and you didn’t address the fact that you ungrateful pricks have a great team and still can’t sell out your “stadium”. That was the point of Monty’s post. If Any other team in the league was having a season like you are, the ticket waiting list would be miles deep, yet you guys are still facing blackouts. It’s unfathomable.

    Favre wanted out of GB to join Minnesota. It was a betrayal and packer fans had every right to vent. The “class” bullshit is just getting old and lame.

    Then you go on to ask how many pro-sports teams we have. You know, Wisconsin has three. Minnesota has four counting the NHL franchise. (NHL is still around???) But honestly, do you really want to bring up other sports and teams when U of M has been inept in pretty much everything they do? Or should we talk about how the Badgers have taken the Paul Bunyan Axe home six (count ’em) SIX straight years?

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Minnesota is just a cheap ripoff of Wisconsin. It’s a bootleg state – your lakes suck, your accents are worse and you can’t even figure out food. You idiots rip on us cheeseheads for our love of cheese, brats and beer. What’s Minny-sot-ah’s claim to fame? Lutefisk? Rotten fish? Great.

    Beat the badgers for once, win a Superbowl and sell out your dome. Then you can talk. Until then, shut up.

  9. QUEENSBLOW November 4, 2009

    Hey Nick and I h8 packers,

    First question WTF are Queens fan doing on a Packers website? As far as PackersFaninMN why the hell would he waste his time looking up men wearing purple and purple pride sites?? He is a Packers fan……

    You two should be embarrased at even admiting your Queens fans.

  10. I h8 packers November 4, 2009

    Steffen – You couldn’t be any more wrong you rube. We’ve sold out this stadium every home game since 1998. Yes there have a few times where we’ve had to ask the league for an extension in order to avoid a black-out but every game has sold out regardless. I can assure you there will be no black-outs.
    If you recall, well, if you can make you way through the malted hops and bong resin you will remember that Favre wanted to stay in Green Bay. Ted and Chubby wanted to go in another direction. Yes, I will admit that when this all went down Favre’s first choice was Minnesota but who could blame him, we have a first class defense and the best running back in the league. Packer fans should be kissing Favre’s ass for all he’s done for the team. I mean really he’s no Don Majkowski or however the hell you spell it, but he did a great job.
    I was going to give you credit for your comments until I read the last two paragraphs. Nice attempt at a cheap shot. If you are ripping on tater tot hot dish then hoo-ray for you.

  11. Dave3000 November 4, 2009

    Hey Steffen,
    Did you know that Wisconsin trails Minnesota in almost every meaningful economic and education indicator? Including, but not limited to:

    Gross Domestic Per Capita
    Renewable energy and energy efficient programs
    Percentage of population with a High School Diploma
    Percentage of population with a Bachelor’s Degree
    Reading Scores for 8th graders
    Math scores for 8th graders
    Poverty rates
    Livable state ratings
    Per capita Income

    So, you can keep your cheese and beer and we will gladly take the ability to read, think, and make money. Not too bad for a “cheap rip-off” eh?

    Also, the packers still suck.

  12. cooker71 November 4, 2009

    Oh and Steffen, I wrote this literary masterpiece. Not the Mont.

  13. I h8 packers November 4, 2009

    Cooker71 – You are a “Total Packer” indeed. But really your comment was lame.

    And the packers really do suck. I mean really, they do. But it does warm my heart to see Jared Allen knock his head in the dirt multiple times a game.

  14. Monty November 4, 2009

    I just have to chime in here real quick. The reason for your inferiority complexes and need to prove yourselves, Vikings fans, comes down to one thing: Packers: 12 championships, Vikings: 0 championships. Now buy some fucking tickets or shut the fuck up!

  15. Dave3000 November 4, 2009

    Cooker71, please find a different hobby. You aren’t very good at this blogging thing.

    Everyone who has ever lived.

  16. Steffen November 4, 2009

    Ahem… In all seriousness I h8 you should read these posts by Andrew Brandt on National Football Post.

    This one first:

    Then this one:

    written by a true insider but also an objective one. These articles are some of the most comprehensive and level headed explanations of what went down. Probably TT’s fault, but Brett indeed wanted out.

    Cooker – my apologies. I was so messed up on bong resin and malted hops that I thought I saw Monty’s name at the top of the post.

  17. Steffen5000 November 4, 2009

    Dave3000, I just changed my name to Steffen5000. Now I’m cooler and even more futuristic than you.

  18. bparmnfan November 4, 2009

    Although it is frustrating that us MN fans sometimes face blackouts, I agree with the above comments about other entertainment options in the Twin Cities. Remember, most of MN’s population is in the Twin Cities. And, there are 4 professional sports teams, a Big 10 University, and of course all the other things mentioned above to compete with your buck. Look at WI, the fudge-pack are in desolate Green Bay, the Badgers play in Madison, and Milwaukee hosts the Brewers and Bucks. Face it, Wisconsin has long had an inferiority complex when it comes to Minneapolis and Chicago, wouldn’t you if you were the worthless middle brother?
    Oh, and as for the writer of this piece, what a surprise, another cheesehead living in the Twin Cities who just seems to hate us. Why do you people live here? Oh, it must be the jobs and the better lifestyle we can offer. Quit your self-righteous bitching…

  19. Jeff November 4, 2009

    Wow, I am just amazed that this many pathetic, retarded Minnesotans can actually read…

  20. Ben November 4, 2009

    When was the last time a Vikings game was blacked out? I’ve been watching them since I was a kid and I don’t think it’s happened since the ’90s. Sure, there are often times tickets available the week of the game, but they always sell out in the end.

    Minnesotans often are criticized or criticize each other for not being “die hard” for the local sports teams. I say you’re DAMN RIGHT we’re not dumb enough to die hard for a professional team.

    Minnesotans are intelligent, disciplined, and know there is much more to life than sports and entertainment. When a local team is bad, we don’t show up, there are better things to do. When the teams are good, we do show up, because it’s exciting then.

  21. SkoalVikes November 4, 2009

    Hey Jeff, didn’t Dave already point out that Minnesotans, and their 8th graders, are already more advanced readers than Sconis? Maybe I should be amazed that you CAN’T read?

    And the only thing that’s really, truly pathetic is when a Packer fan holds up his little piece of stock and tells everyone he “owns” a part of the team and that he was “invited” to the annual shareholders meeting. Personally, if it were me living in Green Bay I’d take that piece of paper and use it to cut my wrists.

  22. sean November 4, 2009

    Vikings fans trolling on Totalpackers. Silly bums.

  23. Your Bald Headed Granny November 4, 2009


  24. Mike November 4, 2009

    All of this talk of inferiority complexes and having more to do than watch your sports teams coming from guys who spend some of their free time trying to insult opposing fans on a sports blog. Hmm, smells like some hypocrisy is coming over from the Minnesota side.

    Oh, and to settle the Minnesota -Wisconsin debate. Both states are places you’d only live in until you’re able to get out. Wisconsin has nothing but Madison which is only cool if you’re a college student and Minnesota has the twin cities, which is one of the more boring metropolitan areas of the country. So arguing over which is better, is like arguing that shit tastes better than a used douche.

  25. Steffen November 4, 2009

    While I still maintain that Minnesota is an off-brand Wisconsin, Mike does have a point. They’re too similar for an extended pissing contest. That said, I have lived in Los Angeles for the last eight years, giving me some perspective… neither Wisconsin or Minnesota are as bad as he says. I can only guess that he is from someplace truly awful – like Florida.

  26. Jeremy November 4, 2009

    That’s why soon they’ll be the LA Whatever’s.

  27. Mark November 4, 2009

    Wow. Was that blog entry pathetic or what?

  28. Rich November 5, 2009

    Naw, pathetic is much too kind a word for it. Of course, when your own lactose intolerant football team is too moldy to even talk about, and its players are so bummed by how things have gone against the mighty division-leading Vikings that they go talking to the press before their being silenced by the coaching staff, in desperation the ego deflated Pack fans turn their sights toward some pitiful mumbling against us on some crap they know nothing about, which only reveals a deeply seated, great, and painful envy for Viking fans and their team’s current record, which is more than two and a half games better than their own, making their ugly womenfolk all loathe them. At least they are alert enough to envy the right team. Oh well. C’est la vie. Let’s leave them to their cheese-ridden misery. Finally, Brett himself has taken that horrid bus ride in from Appleton, so he now knows first hand the source of Randy Moss’ fake mooning at Lambeau in the playoff game, something more disgusting than even Joe Buck’s tiny mind could ever imagine. They say imitation is the purest form of flattery. Since Ted Thompson is a total idiot, that’s likely the most they’ll ever see of Moss in Wisconsin again. No wonder Brett was forced to get away. P. S.: California will soon fall into the Pacific. Buy future beach front property in Nevada now.

  29. QUEENSBLOW November 5, 2009

    Tooo Funny!!
    I will have to admit living in Wis all my life and working in the Twin Cities. I work in an office setting all Vikings fans. Nothing better than coming into work on a Monday morning and getting razzed all day long. Its just a game that NONE of us can control. I have come to admit although puking up just a little bit that the Viqueens are the better team this year…THIS YEAR…Even last year when they made the playoffs and they couldnt sell out with 2 extensions I felt bad for the players. Im sure they hear and read what was going on as far as ticket sales. SO if your Viking make the playoffs this year at least support them buy selling out that so called piece of shit you call a stadium. Not sure what Queens fan called Lambeau a shitty stadium in this post but they should read up on how it was rated the number one venue once again in sports…GOD I HATE THE VIKINGS!!
    GO PACK.. Just remember all you GROWN men its a FUCKING game that a bunch of MEN play.
    Hey have a great fucking day!!

    and once again GO GREEN AND GOLD and GO PACK!!

  30. marc bolinger November 5, 2009

    Who gives a crap what Fudgepacker fans think?????????
    Theres not a damn thing to do in Gay bay, when you go to a real city-Minneapolis, theres other stuff going on, nightclubs, dinner, who advertises cheese curds in the whole state on every billboard??? An off brand Wisconsin??? Man you people are dumb! Theres nothing in your crap state that isn’t ten times better in Minn. fishing, hunting, girls,education, check out the best places to live-not Wisconsin, If bashing the team that smoked you twice is all you have going on then what a sad state.

  31. Jared Allen November 5, 2009

    Maybe I’ll take it easy on your bag-eyed QB next time, How does he see through those bags?? One day you’ll be good again.Just not this year-sorry.

  32. Jared Allen November 5, 2009

    Waaaaaaaaaaa, censor anything not sucking up to the cheese curd eaters, waaaaaa

  33. Jared Allen November 5, 2009

    Vikings 2
    Packers 0

    Thats the bottom line, Oh and theres more to do in a real city than go to football games, sorry GB, maybe one day you’ll grow up and be a real city.

  34. Every other state November 5, 2009

    I guess if the packers, Bucks, and Brewers were my teams I’d be bitter too.

  35. QUEENSBLOW November 5, 2009

    (49-48-1 including playoffs) advantage Packers
    Packers 12 Championships Vikings 0 Advantage Packers.

    Soo Vikings fans you have one more season until they leave the greatest state in the union for LA.

    So cheer them on now becuase they will be gone.


    WOW Jarred REDNECK Allen is great at sacking one QB. He couldnt hold his Jock up to Reggie White..


  36. Eric November 5, 2009

    The Packer fans just need to make themselves feel better after years and years of claiming they are the best, last weekend many tickets were sold from season ticket holders to Vikings fans and many many Packer fans left the game early. They were knocked clean the floop off their high horse by doing those things which previously they would scoff at other teams fans for doing.

    Oh, and I haven’t bought tickets to this game. I spent a lot of money on the MNF tickets and I am a college kid. I have to buy new tires soon and am saving money to go home for the holidays. Turns out there are other things to life than buying over priced tickets to a football game.

  37. Mike November 5, 2009

    Yea Eric, like trolling a Packers site. Anyways, Minneapolis isn’t a real city. It’s a shitty city that wishes it was Chicago or New York. It’s basically Denver but without the mountains to look at. So before you go and act all superior to Wisconsin because you have access to a “big” city with all kinds of overpriced night clubs and pretentious restaurants, realize that neither place is somewhere people want to live, there’s a reason they’re called the flyover states. Now kindly go fuck yourselves.

  38. Mike November 5, 2009

    Oh, and to the guy who uses the name Jared Allen. That drunk driving wannabe redneck piece of shit couldn’t even carry Kampman’s jock, much less a great DE like White’s. He’s the most overhyped player in the NFL today. If you look at his stats, you’ll notice 90% of his sacks came against shitty tackles or rookies. When he faces a great player like Joe Thomas for example, he gets shut down. (He’s basically the Packers of defensive ends)Let’s also not forget how god awful he is at run defense. Now go jack off to another Adrian Peterson highlight.

  39. Eric November 5, 2009

    Its not trolling a Packer site, Mike. I was pointed to this thread by someone. And I am a football fan and I do believe this is a football site.

    And wow, talk about suffering some self esteem issues, Mike. Here is a thread that needs to tear down a fanbase to make people feel better about themselves now you’re tearing down a city and population to feel better about yourself. Maybe you just feel like a piece of shit with whatever city, population, fanbase you belong to. I feel fine with the city, fanbase, and population I belong to so with that said notice I made no degrading comments about anybodies affiliations here.

    Please re-evaluate the things in your life that make you so unhappy with yourself.

  40. Sam November 5, 2009

    I live in Wisconsin as a Vikings fan, and I would have to say that Packers fans are FAR more rude and obnoxious. On top of that, they BY FAR are more “bandwagon” than Vikings fans. All around this state you will see Packer gear, but only after a winning weekend. Heck, last week, Just at my work, over half the facility was wearing Green and Gold the Monday following their beating of the HORRIBLE Browns. Now after the Vikings beat them AGAIN, I have not seen 1 person with Packers colors. Heck, there is this one guy here who has worn the same packer hat for like 2 years, and after the loss last week, its nowhere to be found. huh.. odd. Now as for the selling of tickets. First of all, we have a by-week, so I think there will be enough fans to buy those up along with the 3500 for seattle in 3 weeks. Get some facts straight before posting jibberish.

  41. Thor November 5, 2009

    Who is the ass that wrote this “blog”??

    The games are 11 and 18 days away respectively…

    Why not wait until they get blacked-out and then attack??

    …are the Packers SO bad that you have resorted to attacking others rather than focusing on your team and trying to fix what is obviously terribly, terribly wrong??

    Vikes haven’t had a blackout in 12 years…get over yourself…

    …spare me the “packers have sold out every game since…blah, blah.”

    It is Green Bay after all…

  42. I h8 packers November 5, 2009

    Regardless or what has been said thus far here are the stone cold facts

    Vikings 2 Packers 0

    In the words of Homer Simpson “In your face Milwaukee!”

  43. JC November 5, 2009

    Regardless of what has been said thus far here are the stone cold facts

    Vikings 0 Packers 12

  44. Jeff November 5, 2009

    Don’t you Viking fucks have some ice fishing to do?

  45. sean November 5, 2009

    I just want to point out to Dave3000 that Minnesota’s ‘superior’ economic and education indicators are statistically the same as Wisconsin’s you fool. Both states have the same boring yet folksy and endearing white people. Having lived outside the midwest nearly my entire adult life, I can honestly say that Vikings fans ‘abroad’ are either band wagon or mouth breathing, neck bearded pederasts. Besides, you would have to be completely and utterly useless to think the ‘Twin Cities’ is cooler than Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay. I will say, however, to the credit of the Twin Cities, the girls are much, much, much sluttier there.

  46. Eric November 8, 2009

    Uh oh, Packers lost to the winless Bucs. Get ready for more articles on how bad fans from other cities are to compensate.

  47. Freddie November 9, 2009

    The lowly Bucs beat the Packers. Nice game. We’ll send you Packer fans a postcard from Miami in February.

  48. Hello November 10, 2009

    Jumped the gun. Game sold out. The Vikings thank you for the free advertising.