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Mike McCarthy: A Real Sensitive Guy

I rule!

I rule!

This makes me sick, although we will probably never fully know what happened.

The Green Bay Packers fired a 20-plus year, part-time grounds crew employee because he allegedly told Packers coach Mike McCarthy, “don’t lay an egg,” before the team’s second matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.

The employee, 53-year-old Mike Wood, says what he actually yelled to the coach was, “Hey coach, let’s get the boys ready to kick some butt this weekend.”

The incident happened on October 29. Wood was fired on November 1. On that day, the following exchange took place, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Wood said Allen Johnson, the team’s fields manager, approached him. “What did you say to McCarthy?” he asked.

Wood said he repeated what he had told McCarthy. Wood said he was told that McCarthy thought he heard him make a comment along the lines of “don’t lay an egg” in the game.

“I’m telling you, I had no knowledge of that,” Wood said he told Johnson.

Moments later, Wood said Ted Eisenreich, the team’s director of facility operations, approached him.

“If you didn’t say it, who did?” Eisenreich asked Wood.

“I said I didn’t know,” Wood answered.

The next thing Wood knew he was being escorted from Lambeau Field and told he was out of a job. “Allen said to me, ‘Woody, we can’t have that stuff. We have to let you go.’ ”

The Packers have since released this statement.

“The organization has standards of conduct that apply to all employees, full-time and part-time, in order to maintain a respectful workplace. Mr. Wood’s supervisors determined he made an inappropriate comment, and he was relieved of his duties.”

It’s good to see McCarthy rules the Packers grounds crew with an iron fist. I wonder if he’s ever thought about doing the same with the football team he supposedly coaches.

McCarthy, of course, would go on to lay an egg in the Vikings game. Whether Wood’s version of the events are correct or McCarthy’s are correct, I really don’t care.

I’m appalled the guy would be fired for either remark. Is McCarthy that sensitive? “Don’t lay an egg” is what gets him riled up and hurts his feelings? He better hope I never get a job at Lambeau Field, because I have a few choicer phrases for him than “don’t lay an egg.” I would make him curl up in a ball, stick his thumb in his mouth and cry for his mother, if “don’t lay an egg” got to him.

Now we know two things for certain about Mike McCarthy.

1. He can’t coach football for a damn.

2. He’s a completely classless, humorless prick.

Bravo, Mike! Bravo!


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Steve November 13, 2009

    I’ve been following this site for the 2009 season, because I think you have allot to offer from a fans perspective. However, your anti-TT and McCarthy has gotten out of control.

    I am as frustrated as any Packer fan and have real reservations about this regimes ability to succeed, but this website is starting to come off as having a personal vendetta against them. Is this site rooting for them to fail in order to spike readership? If that is the case I am through with totalpackers.com, because this regime’s success is tied to my beloved Packers.

    You need to walk that line of fan and journalist a little bit better.

  2. TPS November 13, 2009

    This really pisses me off.Wood gives 20 years of service as part-time laborer, most certainly making peanuts and loses his job over this?!? Come’on Murphy! Sad.

  3. jeremy November 13, 2009

    What happened to all of the “commitment to community and character” or “Packer People” talk we heard from McCarthy when he was hired? The sad part is that even though they are the “leaders” of the shrine of Green Bay, McCarthy and Thompson really have no idea were they are, or what the people of Northeastern Wisconsin are about.

  4. Bernard Shuford November 13, 2009

    The press conference today was such a joke. McCarthy is such a jerk to the reporters, never a “Hello, how y’all doing”, never a “Have a nice day.” He’s just a jerk, plain and simple.

    He clearly knew doggone well that he blew the thing out of proportion and got the guy fired by blowing off his steam to somebody who could fire him, and it became obvious in the presser today that he knows he did a stupid thing. The defensive tone sounded a lot like a 7 year old schoolboy “He hit me first, teacher…. Wayayayayayayaahhhhhhh.”

    Good grief, McCarthy. Shut up and be a man.

    And winning a dadgummed football game instead of laying eggs and hiding behind Ted Eisenreich would be a good start. Kick somebody’s butt the next time they get a penalty – put em on the dang bench for a couple games.

    Be the freaking coach the Packers are paying you to be. I’m sick of a bad attitude coach making great players look mundane.

  5. Tuffy November 13, 2009

    This is right up there with “killing Devine’s dog”, so I’m sure the real truth will come out in 20-30 years.

    Not a good day in Packerland. The meltdown is reaching out!

  6. Steffen November 14, 2009

    Steve, I assure you – there are no personal vendettas. We’re fans first and we just want these guys to win. The crew-member firing is just amazingly bad timing.