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top 10It’s our first (and who knows, maybe last) Green Bay Packers’ Top 10 List – Top 10 Green Bay Packers’ Stats We Wished They Kept.

10. Times Aaron Rodgers has been asked about Brett Favre.
9. Games in which Mike McCarthy didn’t have a pen or pencil stuck in his hat.
8. Messages Reggie White received directly from God regarding his football career (or money).
7. Questions Ted Thompson has actually answered honestly during a press conference, instead of constructing an obviously bullshit answer or going totally off topic.
6. Times William Henderson hurdled a defender.
5. Number of completely useless, fake jump passes attempted by Brett Favre during a run play.
4. Times Packers’ linebackers coach Kevin Greene has headbutted someone during practice.
3. Times Gilbert Brown performed “The Gravedigger.”
2. Times Nick Barnett has misspelled a word a third grader could spell on his Twitter stream.
1. Times a Packers’ player has done the Lambeau Leap only to have his junk grabbed by a fan.



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  1. wslc September 17, 2009

    someone should send that picture to Ochocinco!

  2. mike i September 17, 2009

    Fuck yes, #2 is hilarious. Jermichael Finley’s posts make Nick look like a Rhodes scholar.