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Do you like my sweet-ass hat, Brett?

Do you like my sweet-ass hat, Brett?

In yet another display of why he is quite possibly the worst coach in the NFL, Minnesota Vikings’ coach Brad Childress surprised many Thursday by releasing wideout Bobby Wade only a week after Wade agreed to rework his contract and take a $1.5 million pay cut.

His replacement? Greg Lewis, a former Philadelphia Eagles’ receiver whose best season was in 2005 and who hasn’t caught more than 25 passes in each of the past three seasons, including his most recent with New England.

What the fuck? While I certainly don’t mind the Vikings making bad decisions, you have to wonder if maybe “Chilly” is sniffing too much Rogaine, or whatever hair growth product he’s using to grow that ridiculous peach fuzz on his face.

Wade was entering his third season with the Vikings and led the team in receptions his first two. Although his role was expected to be drastically reduced with first-round pick Percy Harvin on board, it’s always a good option to have wideouts with experience on your team rather than relying on a rookie to take over your primary slot receiver position.

I can almost hear the collective groan from the idiot Vikings’ fans, who might be less fond of Childress than we are. Multiple Web sites calling for his balding head have sprung up during his three-year tenure in Minnesota, and while he’s taken the team from third to first in the NFC North during that time, his overall record is 24-24 and his only playoff appearance was a 26-14 loss at home against Philadelphia last season.

Childress is one of the most conservative coaches I’ve ever watched. I mean, who else in the NFL runs on third and 10 on a regular basis and still keeps his job? His game management “skills” are questionable at best. For example, in an October 2008 game against the New Orleans Saints, Childress punted to Reggie Bush twice, which resulted in a touchdown return and a near touchdown return. In the fourth quarter, Childress elected to… you guessed it! Punt to Reggie Bush. Bush returned that punt for a touchdown and a Saints’ win.

Same goes for Childress’ play-calling “skills.” I’m sure we all remember this brilliant call that put Childress’ shiny new franchise quarterback in harm’s way during a PRESEASON game (to say nothing of that guy’s cheap-ass block).

Speaking of one Brett Favre, Childress lost the respect of some Vikings’ players and analysts during his recent Favre courtship.

Childress lied to everyone when he said Favre would have to be in training camp if we were to play for the Vikings in 2009. He lied again when he was spurned by Favre and said he had no further interest in the future Hall of Famer, but kept pursuing him anyway. Former Vikings’ receiver Cris Carter got all in a tizzy on ESPN the day Favre signed with the team, screaming that Childress had lied to quarterbacks Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels when he told them they would be competing for the starting job. “This is people’s LIVES, man!!” was my favorite remark.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Sean Jensen reported several players were questioning Childress after the Favre signing.

Another starter said that, in his eyes, Childress lost credibility by going against his word, suggesting Childress was doing ‘what it takes’ to get a contract extension, noting that both Favre and Childress were signed through 2010.

‘Read between the lines,’ the starter said.

“There’s a point in the season when you’re going to face adversity,” said ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl champion. “When that happens, will you have guys who will run in front of traffic for you?”

That’s unlikely to happen in Minnesota this season.

Some claim Childress would make a better general manager than coach, but I say put him back in the Dilbert cartoon he came from. He’s certainly on the hot seat (surface of the sun hot, apparently) this season after signing Favre, and chances are if the Vikings don’t make the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl, owner Zygi Wilf will do what he should have done two seasons ago and show him the door.

Although it would be a shame for the Packers if Childress were canned, the guy does bring the overall league intelligence level down… a lot.



Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.