An Ode To Charles Martin


Charles Martin gets after Jim McMahon.

Well, the shit talking has started in earnest. I’ve been hearing drivel come out of the mouths of Chicago Bears’ fans for two days now – not that it’s anything different than what normally comes out of their mouths, but now they are directing it towards me and my beloved Green Bay Packers.

I usually just invite them to come and watch the game with me on Sunday night, because I feel pretty confident about the outcome. Not surprisingly, they decline.

I can’t say I despise Bears’ fans like I do Vikings’ fans. Unlike Vikings’ fans, Bears’ fans usually know something about football when they’re not all lathered up and rubbing their vaginas about the Bears. And unlike Vikings’ fans, their team has actually won games that mean something in the last century. Hell, I will even admit that I have some friends who are Bears’ fans… when they’re not blathering nonsensically about the Bears.

But this week – friendships are off.

And because I am sick of your bullshit already Chicago Bears’ fan, I bring you this: Charles Martin.

You remember my man Charles, don’t you? Of course you do.

On November 23, 1986 Martin took the field against the Chicago Bears with a “hit list” on the towel that hung from his waist. On top of that list was the number nine – the digit worn by one Funky QB, Jim McMahon. During the game, Packers cornerback Mark Lee intercepted a McMahon pass. As McMahon was trotting towards the sidelines (because McMahon didn’t make tackles) Martin ran after him and body slammed him into the Soldier Field turf. McMahon landed on his shoulder and his season was over.

Some people say it was the biggest cheap shot ever. Whether that’s true is debatable, but either way, Martin’s hit was a pretty classless play and he was ejected from the game and suspended for two more.

A lot of Bears’ fans will tell you Martin’s hit essentially eliminated Chicago’s chances for a Super Bowl repeat in 1986, and thus a dynasty.

The Chicago Sun Times named Martin Chicago’s most notorious nemesis in August, topping the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys” teams.

The Bears would go on to finish 14-2. But without McMahon, they were upset by the Washington Redskins 27-13 in the playoffs, as Doug Flutie threw a key interception that set up the game-winning touchdown.

Bears fans, dreaming of a dynasty, only could wonder what might have happened if McMahon had stayed healthy. And that’s why Charles Martin is the most notorious nemesis in Chicago sports history.

While I certainly don’t condone cheap shots, this puts a smile on my face.

And so I leave you with these words:

Fuck you, Chicago. Stop your fucking blathering and let’s see how it plays out on the field on Sunday night.

About The Author

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

19 Comments on "An Ode To Charles Martin"

    • Dave

      Martin epitomized the Packers of the 80s. They had no chance at winning anything, so the point of the game was just cheap shots. We all remember Payton being pushed over the bench well beyond the sidelines and Suhey getting blind-sided well after the play. Notably, most of these plays were cowardly – not straight up football, but sucker-punches – not exactly a show of bravery.

      I guess the last laugh is on Martin, dead at 45 and from what I understand, he was pretty much broke and on his own. Somehow, I doubt this piece of excrement and total loser took much comfort from the fact that a few Packer fans idolized him.

  1. IrishSweetness

    Thanks for proving the FudgePackers have no class. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in the NFL. And McMahon didn’t tackle? Probably the toughest, smartest QB to ever put on a helmet. GB couldn’t beat us fairly and squarely on the field when Jim was playing, so they crossed the line that class and fair play doesn’t cross in sports. Karma caught up with Charles Martin. We miss you Jimmy.

  2. IrishSweetness

    Where’s the ode by the way? I didn’t see one. I guess Packer fans don’t know what an ode is – quelle surprise. As Bear Fans, we can write odes to our legion of legendary players like Walter Payton, Butkus, Sayers … the list goes on and on. But Fudgies don’t have a list of legendary players, so they celebrate thugs.

  3. Yersinia Pestis

    I did like what happened this last Monday. Here’s my ode to Charles Martin – died in his 46th year to signify one of the best defenses ever by the Bears and on January 26 to signify their Superbowl win. Stick it Pack.

  4. jobo

    Ooo, bears fans. It’s Football. He did slam the shit out of mcman way after the play. And it was wrong. But when you look back, if u had done it against the Pack u would love it. Chicago has a reputation of being tuff, but when u get your shit smashed in, u guys act like a bunch of Hall monitors. And who is this dude above me that says the Packers never had great players? Do your homework mick.

  5. Racing Randy

    The author or this trail really is a piece of garbage along with Charles Martin.

    Bringing up the past and glorifying it… for losers. Much like the guy who wrote the article.

  6. Ag

    The jerk that wrote this article wouldn’t be smiling if someone dud that to Rodgers. He is classless like Martin. He should have the pleasure to know I forwarded this link to the Bears in anticipation of next week.

  7. Bears/Seahawks fan

    Ill make sure to write an article as an ode to whoever pushes Rogers’ shit in some day on the field. I’m sorry you like such a pathetic team.

  8. Dan

    Chuckie Martin is an ASS! And the Green Bay Packers Suck!! No matter what the score or record. It was nice to see Rodgers being kept out of the Super Bowl. He’s done.

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