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Golden Boy vs. Country Boy: Hornung Blasts Favre

And I smoke Reds, so fuck you!

Apparently, some Green Bay Packers’ legends haven’t forgotten about fidelity, loyalty and Packer Pride. Or maybe Paul Hornung thinks the Minnesota Vikings suck that much (they do). Either way, Hornung doesn’t seem to think Brett Favre wearing Vikings’ purple necessarily guarantees a Lombardi Trophy for our idiot neighbors in the land o’ lakes.

“(Favre) ain’t going to win in Minnesota,” Hornung told revelers at a Wisconsin sports banquet on Tuesday.

“I’ll bet on it.”

Hats off to Packers’ great Paul Horning, who joins an increasingly vocal group of ex-NFL stars who are less than enthusiastic about Favre’s decision to stick it to the Packers. Hornung’s comments come on the heels of recent anti-Favre rants rants by Michael Irvin and Minnesota’s own Fran Tarkenton.



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. yo July 15, 2009

    Will you be willing to eat your words should the Vikings outshine the Packers or will you still be taking pot-shots at Favre? Serious question, should the Vikings do better than the Packers, how will your take on Favre change? Would it even?

  2. yo July 15, 2009

    Better question actually, should a Vikings win over the Packers keep the Packers out of the playoffs or even Superbowl, how will you feel.. and lets say hypothetically Favre plays brilliantly..

  3. packersnow July 15, 2009

    I am glad Horning spoke his mind but last time I checked Green Bay never offered him a contract. So Paul, if he does go to the purple I’ll take your bet.

  4. SteffenWSLC July 15, 2009

    Yo YO

    First off, will all of you mouth breathing, ball cupping Favre sycophants eat your words if Favre tanks, like he did, oh I don’t know… last year?

    Second, win or lose Favre will be a Viking. There is no team in pro sports that I hate more than the Vikings. I refuse to accept the suggestion made by many that I and other Favre bashers actually root for the guys. I really don’t care if he comes back, but if he chooses to play for scum, than that is what he is. I used to love the guy, but I can’t root for him if he’s wearing Purple. So, yeah, I will continue to take pot shots at a traitor.

  5. Carl with a "C" July 16, 2009

    I thought Hourning was suspended for gambling and hanging out with undesireable people (aka Monty)? Looks like he learned his lesson. Does Hourning know that B. Favre is a free agent? Did my green and gold offer him a contract? And I am not talking a marketing deal, but a football contract?

    Unfortunatly I think B. Favre is going to get two wins over my Pack, and it will be great to see the man who plays the QB position differently then anyone to ever buckle a chin strap play 16 (or 19) more times. I will be cheering for the Packers in those games, but if he throws TD’s at Lambeau, what a rush that would be!

  6. SteffenWSLC July 16, 2009

    You are a more patient and understanding man than I am, Carl.

    But again, the wrong argument keeps getting made. Are you suggesting that we’re angry because he’s not playing with us? Look, he’s getting what he’s wanted for the last two or three years. He’s been scheming for a long time to find a way to Minnesota. It’s not about the love of the game for him. It’s revenge – at my team’s expense.

    Once a Viking, Never a Packer.

  7. Carl with a "C" July 16, 2009

    Stephie, my name is Carl with a “C.” I thought the argument was about Hourning’s comments. I think B. Favre will win in Minnesota, unfortunatly for us Packer fans. Just as B. Favre and the Jets had more wins then the Packers last season. So I diagree with the golden boy.

    B. Favre is my quarterback. I began watching football with the Majik man, then suffered through Dilweed, Tommakesmesick, Comeback Keil, etc. B. Favre was the one who played the game differently and for the love of the game. I do think he may be coming back for all sorts of emotional reasons, but the best of the best in any sport have to be dragged off the field/court and never know when it’s over until just past that time. I can’t stand the Vikes, but he is my QB and he will win in Minnesota. Bottom line is that he is a winner and knows how to get it done.

  8. wslc July 16, 2009

    Are you calling me Stephie because I didn’t call you Carl With A “C”?

  9. TPS July 16, 2009

    Carl with a J, That’s nice that you see Brett as your QB. I think most of us did too… DID. Until he made it a personal mission of his to get back at the team that believed in him/gave him a shot. This has less to do with “the love of the game” and more to do with revenge. If you cannot see that then your blinded by your BF worship. Hmmm, Ted Thompson, well regardless of how you feel about him, he didn’t force Brett to speak the words “I’ve given everything I possibly can” OR “I don’t think I’ve got anything left to give” OR “I know I can play, but I don’t think I want to.” But that was then and this is now.
    Minnesota is primed to win, good O line, great D line, best running back in the NFL, so yeah Brett will win there. They may even sweep the Pack, but in the end, Favre, once a modern day Lou Gehrig universally loved throughout the sports world, will never be looked at the same way again. At least to those who cared the most.

  10. Gretch July 16, 2009

    I’ve been watching Brett Favre play since I was 15 years old, i’m now 33 I loved Brett, watched him with the Jets and even wished for him to do well. I didn’t even replace my 4 jersey last season. But I can’t and will not support Favre as a Viking. I went out last week and purchased a Rodgers jersey. I don’t even want to hang my #4 next to my #92! I’ll always love Favre, but I can’t cheer on a Viking!! In time he’ll still be Favre the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, his number will retire and hang in Lambeau Field right along with the others. People will forget he played in New York or even for the Vikings. He’ll always be a Packer, because that my friends is what the people will remember. The ones young enough to remember him as Brett Favre #4 for the Green Bay Packers but not old enough to remember the drama that followed. If you ask my daughters who is Brett Favre , they will say he played for the Packers he’s #4. They won’t recall anything but. It’s these children my friends that in 20 years will be saying ” hey this guy is good, but he’s no Brett Favre” One of the best Packer players of all times. They won’t be saying ” hey this guy is good, but not as good as that traitor Favre was back in the day. Sure we all she hurt feelings now, but will any of this even matter ten years from now? Why waste pointless energy bickering back and forth, lifes to short, it’s a new era for The Packers, jump on cause the Brett Favre ship has sailed! Win or Lose i’ll always be Green and Gold! Go Pack Go! With love and respect,
    The Florida Packer Backer! ~Gretch

  11. Carl with a "C" July 17, 2009

    Steffen, yes, that is exactly why I called you that! :) Go Pack!

    TPS report, I agree that he made those comments and meant them at the time, but he also wanted to come back after those comments and the train left the station with out him.

    Would you not feel slighted by the organization that you gave everything you could to wouldn’t take you back when you made a mistake of leaving too early?

    Reggie White and B. Favre built Lambeau as it stands today. Without those two, the renovations don’t happen. That stadium keeps the team in the blue these days as it is a year round attraction/money maker. They have made millions and will continue to make millions off the strong right arm of B. Favre.

    So it is a kick in the junk for the team train to leave without him and that same competitive spirit and drive that made him such a great player is the same thing that is driving his train to Minnesota so he can have some revenge. That’s what competitors do. They want to, no, need to win and be on top.

  12. wslc July 17, 2009

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Brett has wanted out since Thompson took over. He got spoiled with Sherman and as soon as a GM came in and ran things his own way, Brett started acting like a child. He panicked when his security blanket (Bevell) was sent packing. He was angry that we didn’t sign his old injury riddled buddy (Rivera) and furious when we drafted a star QB, a completely reasonable move considering the fact that he was in his late 30s.

    After his “retirement” he never wanted to come back. It was all part of a plan to get to buddies in minnesota who would worship him the way he wanted. Don’t believe me? As soon as he “retired” Bus Cook was making calls to see who wanted to sign Brett. That’s odd for an agent to do, huh. Odd for a newly retired player to be looking for a new team.

    Again, I can’t stand all this talk about “Everything he has done for us.” He was great – but it’s not like he wasn’t rewarded for it. Good god, we’re talking about the highest paid Packer of all time. Favre was well on his way to bustville when Green Bay swept in and gave him a chance. The team and the city embraced him. Not only did the packers make him rich, but the fans showered him with literally millions of dollars in jerseys, merchandise, season tickets, etc

    He owes US a little loyalty. Not the other way around.

    And to answer your question… would I feel slighted if I quit a job and then came back to find that I was replaced? Slighted? No, I’d feel like an idiot. What did I expect?