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Driver Happy, Kampman Speaks, Bears Still Suck

Donald Driver is a happy guy.

Today’s word on your Green Bay Packers is just that.

Wide receiver Donald Driver has shown up at the Packers OTAs and was on the practice field for the first time yesterday. Driver admitted he is in contract discussions with the Packers, but his absence has been due to non-football-related matters, specifically, a relative of his wife died and his son graduated kindergarten.

“It’s not about negotiating. I have a contract already,” Driver said, according to the Journal Sentinel. “It’s just about reworking that contract. It’s not about adding more money onto the situation or anything like that. It’s just that me and the organization have a situation that I’ve talked to them about, and I’m hoping we can work it out.”

It’s all well and good that Driver is practicing with the team, but I have to wonder if the media reports detailing his absence and contract stance didn’t have something to do with Driver showing up. If you recall, last week, Driver was eerily silent while his agent noted he was working out in Texas and that OTAs were not mandatory. No mention of any family-related commitments.

Driver has maintained a pristine image while with the Packers and he was beginning to look somewhat selfish last week. But hey, there’s nothing to see here. Please move along.

On another note, outside linebacker Aaron Kampman finally broke his media silence yesterday, in what the Green Bay Press Gazette termed a terse session.

Not much came out of the session with the Packers leading sacker. He wouldn’t say whether he liked or didn’t like the Packers new defense, only that he’s learning it, but one exchange was fairly interesting.

If it were you up to you, would you still be a 4-3 (defensive) end?

“I’m not at liberty to really make those choices,” Kampman said, according to the Press Gazette.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Some people doubt Kampman’s ability to make the switch from defensive end, as Pro Football Weekly pointed out in its offseason evaluation of the Packers and the NFC North.

Pro personnel evaluators league wide have their doubts that holdover defenders such as Aaron Kampman, Cullen Jenkins, Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk will be able to successfully handle converting to a 3-4 scheme. Kampman, who is moving from left end to left outside linebacker, where he will at times be asked to drop into coverage, will be under particularly close scrutiny.

Under scrutiny he is, and he doesn’t seem to like it much.

There are plenty of opinions on what Kampman is or isn’t saying, such as that from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, who thinks Kampman is just trying to keep an open mind.

Personally, I think Kampman is resentful the Packers would make a scheme switch and change his position in a contract year, and that he does indeed have a closed mind.

Someone with an open mind is generally honest and forthcoming, i.e., “The transistion is going to be tough. I’m learning a new position and a new scheme, but I’m excited about the opportunity that it will give me to get to the quarterback more.”

Kampman is neither honest of forthcoming right now, and as a team leader on defense, that isn’t a good sign.

Anyway, on to more amusing things, like laughing at those shitbags down in Chicago.

We noted some time ago that the Bears’ Jay Cutler was lobbying for the team to take a look at Plaxico “I Shot Myself in the Fucking Leg!” Burress. Understandable, considering their current lot of receivers (Rashied Davis, anyone?).

Now, other Bears players have spoken up about the positives of acquiring Burress.

Like, for instance, then their No. 1 receiver would actually be a guy with talent enough to make another NFL roster… or the University of Illinois roster. Or, the fact the Bears never found a suitable replacement for Tank Johnson in the stupid thug department.

Actually, those comments were from me, not the Bears, but here are some highly intelligent remarks from some actual Chicago Bears.

“Plax, hey, who wouldn’t want that guy on their team? He’s a great player.” – Alex Brown

“Talent is talent.” – Desmond Clark

Yeah, and stupid is stupid, so go ahead an sign Plaxico, Chicago. Charles Woodson will finish the job he almost did on himself.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.