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Favre Wants To Stick It To The Packers

Brett Favre

Won't be happy until he alienates all Packers fans.

Although I personally have no idea what goes through the head of Brett Favre, word out of New York is that Brett Favre wants to stick it to the Green Bay Packers by playing with the Minnesota Vikings.

“Favre can’t stand Green Bay,” a source told the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers. “He wants to play Green Bay and say, ‘I told you so.’ His bitterness is creating this. I think he’s calling Minnesota. I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak. You haven’t heard the end of Favre. No way. He is bionic. As long as somebody will let him in, he will play.”

As we documented last week, Favre’s release by the New York Jets would allow him to sign with any team this season. The Packers would receive no compensation. Myers’ article, which is titled All signs point to former Jets QB Brett Favre returning to NFL with the Vikings, doesn’t really leave a lot open for interpretation.

The article is heavy on speculation and doesn’t use a single named source (like most every sports story in the Post). Still, you would have to be a fool not look at the signs and think that X+Y+Z=Vikings.

Vikings coach Brad Childress admitted that the team would talk about Favre, last week. The only potential roadblock to a Vikings/Favre marriage, if Brett wants to play, is the health of Brett’s arm/shoulder, which severely limited him at the end of last season and will require surgery if he were to play again.

Myers presents the notion that the injury may have sufficiently healed on its own, among other things.

Favre has used the last four months to let his torn biceps tendon in his throwing arm heal up. The time off has also let him recharge his competitive spirit. Training camps don’t open until about Aug. 1. He reportedly hired a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, Packers coach Mike McCarthy encouraged Favre to play, if the desire strikes him, on Friday.

“If Brett wants to play football, he should play football. That’s really my stance on it. If he still wants to play, he should take advantage of his opportunities,” McCarthy said, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Since I’ve received some criticism of late in regards to my stance on Favre, I’d like to make it clear that I do not feel that Brett continuing his playing career at all diminishes his Packers career. Brett Favre is the greatest player to ever wear a Packers uniform. There’s no debate in my mind. Does his post-Packers career diminish his accomplishments in Green Bay? No – zero percent.

That said, Favre’s actions over the past year have diminished my respect for him as a human being. He has every right to continue playing. He has every right to sign with Minnesota if that’s what makes him happy, but how long can you hold a grudge against the organization, city and fans that made you who you are?

That said, we try to be objective in our analysis of issues that affect the Green Bay Packers. This is an issue that could affect the Green Bay Packers because of the involvement of the scumbag Minnesota Vikings.

If Favre does sign with Minnesota and is healthy, it would turn the Vikings into a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Minnesota has the defense and running game of a contender. They’ve upgraded the wide receiver position with the addition of Percy Harvin. The only question marks about the Vikings are on the offensive line, and at quarterback.

Brett Favre could legitimately lead this Minnesota team to a Super Bowl title, which makes me ill even thinking the thought – not of Brett Favre playing for Minnesota, but of the Minnesota Vikings winning anything important.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. chrisgeanakos May 5, 2009

    glad to see you have toned down the anti-Favre rhetoric.. I can sympathize

  2. krh May 5, 2009

    This has the stink on it of the most diabolacle fiend of the 21st century, Deanna Favre.

    Let’s think about who Bertt has the beef with. Not the GBP, whom he says he loves, or the fans, or the city, it’s 100% Teddy. Teddy and his butterball sidekick Mike ran Brett out of town last year, coming off of his best season since he won a few MVPs. I can understand why he’d be pissed off. That being said, I don’t see Bertt coming out of retirement at all, especially to play for a classless, clueless, 5th class organization like minisoooooduh, but stranger things have happened. If he does wind up in purple, I’m putting the blame squarely on Ted for sending him packing.

    F the bears!