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Brett Favre

To play or not to play, that is the question.

As you know, we really love writing about Brett Favre this time of year, instead of the Green Bay Packers, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention what has (or has not, depending on who you’re reading) gone down since Friday.

First, you may recall the seemingly conflicting reports from last week – the first from Yahoo! that said Favre told Vikings’ coach and douchemaster, Brad Childress, that he wasn’t going to play this season, and the second from ESPN that said the Vikings were looking at X-rays of Favre’s injured arm to determine if he could play.

We went from Brett staying retired to the strong possibility he would play for the Vikings (if he’s able) in the course of one day.

Well, on Saturday, ProFootballTalk ran a story in which an editor for Yahoo! Sports defended their story.

“You may not have heard of Rick Schwartz (he’s a producer and on-air talent for us), but in this business, it’s who you know, and Rick happens to know the right person for this story,” Assistant Managing Editor Mark Pesavento told PFT’s Mike Florio. “Unfortunately, we had to give anonymity to protect his source, but trust me when I say this person would know.  That way you can avoid having any more egg on your face when Schaap’s report is proven to be nothing more than the imaginings of Bus Cook.”

So, let’s see, it looks like Brett is going to stay retired. Far out.

As you may recall, Schwartz wrote the initial story that said Favre had rebuffed the Vikings. On Sunday, Schwartz talked to ProFootballTalk, himself.

“I stand 100 percent by my story. Favre told Childress that he’s not coming back. I am 100 percent accurate on that,” Schwartz told ProFootballTalk.

ProFootballTalk, among others, have speculated that Schwartz is related to one of the Vikings owners. Schwartz offered that he was “not directly” related to majority owner Zygi Wilf.

Anyway, the point is that Favre is retired for good. Right on.

Yesterday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Favre has been playing ball with the local high school kids again, among other things.

Favre’s friend J.D. Simpson says only the quality of the Vikings roster has kept Favre’s meandering through the maze of possibilities. “If this had been a year ago, bang, he’d be in Minnesota right now,” Simpson said. “I think this decision is tougher for him than any of them. He really sees Minnesota as a legitimate team that can go all the way. I think in his mind he was retired, but the quality of that team makes this a tough one.”

Simpson acts as team chaplain for Oak Grove High School, where Favre works with the football team to stay in shape. Simpson warmed up with Favre on Monday before Favre threw to the team’s receivers. “I didn’t have a helmet on,” Simpson said. “I wish I had. I help out with the receivers, and he threw a few that bounced off some facemasks out there.

And so, Brett isn’t really retired. Bummer.

The Star Tribune report led the Green Bay Press Gazette to question why Favre was working out if he had no intention of returning, today.

So that begs the question: if Favre is planning to stay retired, why would he be throwing to a bunch of high school receivers last week? The presumption is he is testing out his arm, which could lead one to believe he wants to play if the biceps tendon tear in his arm has healed.

Yes, so Brett is going to come back then. Great.

Or maybe he isn’t. Who the hell knows.

The one thing we are 100 percent certain of here at Total Packers, is that the Minnesota Vikings and their fans are a bunch of cunts, and that will never change.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Full Monty May 11, 2009

    I respect every team because I respect the game.. it seems like you really loathe the Vikings so you should be happy they are a team worthy of your loathing.. after all, how boring would the sport get if you were rooting all the teams on equally?

    I live in the bay area and back in the 90’s the 49ers were king.. but I never ever hated the Cowboys.. even though I rooted against them..

  2. Monty May 11, 2009

    You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve encountered a Vikings fan. Take the stupidest person you know, dress them in purple from head to toe, and tell them to talk about how great the Vikings franchise is, how terrible the Packers are, and to do it while completely disregarding 12 NFL Championships and 3 Super Bowl victories. Have them make completely ignorant claims about the Vikings, the history of the NFL, and the game of football in general. And listen to this non-stop diarrhea of the mouth (seriously, it doesn’t stop, no matter how many times you point out their ignorance) as an educated fan of the Green Bay Packers, who has a thorough understanding of the history of the game. Then you’ll have some idea where this disdain comes from. These assholes can’t even get a new stadium to play in. The Bears have earned respect. Bears fans have earned respect. The Vikings – let me know when they win something worth winning, or when one of their fans has something intelligent to say.

  3. Ellen May 11, 2009

    Favre is starved for attention and the limelight. His ego craves this. He is addicted to it as he was to vicodin. It is sad. He is sad. If he truly loved football he would go to to coach and teach others how to play the game he loved. But then the attention would not be on him anymore.

  4. Steffen May 12, 2009

    Monty, I just wanted to say that I appreciated the Lebowski flavor in this post.

  5. jim May 29, 2009

    @monty, I am a vikings fan, and I bleed purple. I agree 4 superbowl trips and 0 wins is not much to brag about. But the way the packers organization treated favre in his later years, especially not getting Randy Moss when he was available, they basically told favre to go and fuck himself.

    Have to wonder what actually went on, between the organization and it’s infamous hall of fame QB, but we won’t know for awhile until he is SERIOUSLY retired before the interviews begin. As far as vikings fans being stupid, I think you foam from your mouth.

    Might be all the cheese you cheddar heads eat mixed with the beer you slug down your throat. But that aside, Favre in purple on lambeau on a sunday against you beloved packers, I’ll take that to heart, along with our first superbowl ring, that your packer organization didn’t welcome back.

    Also look forward to your 5-11 season with aaron rodgers, what a joke compared to favre.