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Dear Brett,

With each passing day, it appears more and more likely that you will in fact return – again – to play in the NFL. This time around with one of the crappiest franchises in pro sports, the Minnesota Vikings. Are you seriously going through with this?

I mean, after last year’s fiasco of an offseason, I really thought you had enough. I know I did. Pretty sure the rest of the world did too. And then, when you finally did take the field, did you prove Ted Thompson and the other doubters wrong? No. You didn’t. By season’s end, you looked exactly like the reckless over the hill quarterback they thought you were.

Yet, it seems like you can’t wait to drag us into this nonsense again.

Brett, we’ve been tight for what, 15 years? Half of my life? Well, long enough that I feel that I can speak my mind. Give it to you straight – something you have been completely unable or unwilling to do. Basically, if you, by your own choosing, play for the Minnesota Vikings, you are dead to me. Forever.

Aside from the Chicago Bears, there is no team Green Bay Packers’ fans hate more than that classless collection of thugs and stumblebums from Minny-sotah. There are certain lines you do not cross in pro sports. You’re about to cross it. Just be aware of the consequences. You’re not going to get a free pass and waltz back into Green Bay in a couple years for your jersey retirement. You think you can hold a grudge? Packers fans are sensitive types. We’re not going to let this slide. And if you’re thinking that this will only make us angry at Ted Thompson, think again. Packers fans aren’t idiots. This Vikings obsession is all of your making, Brett, and we know it.

I used to think that someday, I’d be telling my grandkids about how I got to watch you play when I was growing up. I would have told them about your powerful arm, your childlike exuberance for the game, your fierce competitiveness and your dazzling improvisation. That’s how you play football, I’d tell them. Now what do I say? “Oh yeah. Brett Favre. That was the most petty and infantile quarterback to ever strap on a pair of shoulder pads. A diva and a traitor.”

John Madden and your other sycophants used to praise your love of the game. And that’s why you played so long – for the love of the game, right? In fact, your official website even says so. Just months after you said that you had nothing left to give this game, for what are you playing for now? To me, it looks like petty revenge. You are so worked up over Ted Thompson that you – and this may be an NFL first – are coming out of retirement for revenge. What is this, pro wrestling? A Jean Claude Van Damme movie? Good grief, Brett, don’t embarrass yourself.

Don’t be coy about this. Be honest. Be a man. Stop lying about your intentions. The more you drag this soap opera on, the more you look like a fool. All the “At this time… I’m retired” nonsense insults our intelligence. You’re a liar.

Couldn’t you have just retired gracefully? Worked out pretty well for Dan Marino and John Elway. Instead, you’re turning into Warren Moon. Maybe next year you can suit up for the Texans or something. Awesome. A journeyman. Is that what you are? A journeyman out for vengeance?

What is this all about anyway? The Green Bay management didn’t let you run the team? They didn’t resign Marco Rivera? Are you mad because they did what any responsible management team would do when they drafted Aaron Rodgers? At some point, when your QB is pushing 40 and threatening to retire five years in a row, you need to groom a replacement. Should the Packers have just stuck with Doug Pederson or Craig Nall? Give me a break.

We don’t feel sorry for you Brett. We’re Packers fans first. We’re not on your side. If you let this go, we will welcome you back with open arms in a couple years. Your jersey will be retired and you will take your rightful place on the Packers ring of honor. The greatest Packer who ever lived. BUT if you wear purple on purpose… forget all of that. You’ll be dead to us. All the memories, all the come-from-behind victories, The Super Bowl… all will mean nothing. It will be like you never existed.

Packers fans don’t deserve this. We had your back through your less-than-stellar early years. We welcomed you back after your rehab stint and other personal problems. We shelled out money for tickets, jerseys and God knows what else. We helped make you very, very rich. And you’re basically giving us all the middle finger. You should expect nothing less from us.

Petty, lying backstabbing Benedict Arnold.


Go Pack.

– Steffen



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. Jessie May 6, 2009

    This isn’t a scathing letter at all.

    I love Brett Favre, I’ve grown up idolizing him. I always appreciated his love of the game and how he played it like a child growing up (which I was during most of her career). I am also a born and raised cheese head packer fan. I have loved the packers for my whole life.I’ve never been to a home game and I never got to see Favre play in person… as much as I want him to continue playing so I could see him play in person, there comes a time when he needs to make a decision and stick with it.

    Him playing for the Vikings is a career choice he’s making…TED THOMPSON didn’t want him anymore. So quit crying and bitch to Ted because he’s the one who let him go… it’s not disrespecting the fans… it’s playing the game and the politics that go with it. You’re taking it WAY to personally.

    Ted Thompson is an arrogant ass. The Packers did so well last season… since we’re pointing out all of Brett’s faults, we’ll point out the others too. The only thing I completely agree with is the “we are packer fans first”… that is correct, but no matter what he does, NO ONE can abandon him and forget all the wonderful things he did for the Pack. That’s not right. NEVER forget what this man did for our team.

  2. Ellen May 6, 2009

    Favre needs an intervention. He cannot take the fact that life has moved on without him. Favre fanatics need to look at reality. Favre left. Twice he said he would come back but finally decided to leave. No one pushed him out. He CHOSE to leave. Then went into a diva fit when he saw that he was not being begged to come back but that life went on without him. He goes to NY and what? Superbowl? No. Playoffs? No. Many Jets players did not want him back due to the way he played and his attitude. He retires again and now what? Life goes on but he cannot take it again. Lets say he goes to the Vikings and lets say the Vikings beat Green Bay. What will that prove? Is Favre’s self esteem that low that he needs to feed on vengeance? What if the Packers beat him? Will he sulk?

    Sorry Favre fanatics but your idol is a whining little brat. He could not get his way so now will do anything to trash the Packers. Too bad his father was not still alive – he would have been able to show Favre that he is acting like a little baby. Maybe he could have shown Favre how to act with a little class.

  3. Steffen May 6, 2009

    No one has yet to rationally explain to me what Ted Thompson did wrong in the Brett Favre mess. You can knock some of his other moves (Justin Harrell, Jarrett Bush I am looking in your directions) but he was right about Brett. Rodgers will never be as good as Brett was in his prime, but he sure is the better QB today.

    Brett can continue to play if he wants to, but playing for our most hated rival is a big F you to the fans that have supported him.

    If you still feel like you need to support this diva, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up some sweet purple tinged Favre merch here soon:

  4. krh May 6, 2009

    maybe this is all part of his master plan to say one thing and mean another. he’s on his way to eden prairie to become a distraction, sabotage the queens, and end all of this frivolous super bowl talk.

    good job bertt, and godspeed wrecking the god forsaken evil doers!

  5. BonnieJ May 6, 2009

    Whoever wrote this is a jerk. Minnesota doesn’t want any of Green Bay’s sour leftovers but now that I read this I’m behind any revenge move 100%. Who cares what he does for the Vikings, it’ll be worth it just to watch Green Bay fans squirm and pout.

    I knew I hated the Packers for a reason. Sore losers, sore winners, poor writers (when they can write, on the off day when they’re not falling down drunk).

  6. Steffen May 7, 2009

    See, that’s exactly what’s wrong with you lutefisk loving idiots. Let me get this straight – even if Favre bombs and doesn’t win more games for you next year, it would actually be worth it to see Packer fans squirm? Wouldn’t you want to win more games? Isn’t that the point? Good grief. Worst team in pro sports and by far the absolute worst fans. You can’t even sell tickets… ask Zigi.

  7. krh May 7, 2009

    i only have a couple things to add…

    minnEE sooDUH
    chilly (nice name coach)

    the defense rests

  8. Justin Vollmar May 7, 2009

    Well said and an excellent letter. Thank you for speaking your mind. Please disregard Favre’s rabid fans’ comments.