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Brett Favre Retires, One Year Too Late

Brett Favre is introduced as a New York Jet

Brett Favre has informed the New York Jets he plans to retire.

As all of you recall, he also told the Green Bay Packers the same thing last offseason, but sources think Favre is done for good this time.

ESPN, which is home to all things Brett Favre, broke the story this morning and included these nuggets of gold in their story.

…Favre conceded that he had an abundance of motivation to play for the Jets at the beginning of last season, most of it inspired by the spite he maintained for Packers GM Ted Thompson for trading him from Green Bay to New York. Favre felt Thompson had taken Favre’s team from him, believed it had become personal, described the Packers as dishonest and concluded that the most accomplished quarterback in history had been exiled to the Jets precisely because it was something of a football purgatory, where no championships had been won in the four decades since Joe Namath.

“They sent me to New York because they didn’t play the Jets, they were 4-12, so they didn’t have to play me, they knew we had very little chance of making the playoffs and they knew it was not likely that we’d have a better year than they did,” Favre told Werder. “I was aware of all of that and more than up to the challenge because they felt they were shipping me off to Siberia and they’d never hear from me again. So was I coming back to play because I loved the game or to prove them wrong? Probably a little bit of both.

“Maybe initially I came back for the wrong reasons,” Favre says now. “It was like, “OK, they don’t want me to play, then I’ll play somewhere else and show them I can still play.”

Spite is always a good basis for making decisions in life.

Let’s hope this is finally the end of the Brett Favre saga, and that someday we can welcome him back into the Packers family.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. CSG February 11, 2009

    You let your personal feelings tinge your views on Favre me thinks. Sure he should have retired last year, but to me his standing in history is no less dimineshed after his season with the Jets. So what if he left the packers amidst a flurry of so called controversy. The man is a football great..in fact I’m a bit sad that he has retired officially for sure, so I dont share your ‘good riddance’ sentiment

  2. VanDingo February 11, 2009

    Packers wouldn’t of been without Brett Favre. Don’t you forget that.

  3. Matt February 11, 2009

    Lets hope this is the FINAL end to a great career. I hope he stays retired. I have had my spot in line for his HOF introduction for a year and I want the clock to start ticking down for this.

    All I can say in the end is :
    Favre, The Leader, The Legend, Always A Packer

  4. Carl with a "C" February 11, 2009

    In such a “what have you done for me lately” world, you sadly have followed that path… He is the greatest player to have ever put on a packer jersey. Reggie would say that, Don Hutson would say that, Ray would say that, Starr would say that, Coach Lombardi, would say that….

    This once again is a sad day for the NFL, but I can’t wait until he dons the yellow jacket of the NFL HOF!!!

  5. Josh February 11, 2009

    It’s about he retires…for the second time in 11 months might I add. It’s his fault that he ruined the end of his legacy. He said he retired originally and decided to come back. That means he’s no longer priority, no matter how good people think he is. The Packers devoted Aaron Rodgers to take over and stuck by that. It’s not the Packers fault that Favre can’t make up his damn mind. And I don’t want to hear this “if it wasn’t for Favre, the Packers wouldn’t have done this and that” crap either. It’s a team effort! I applaud every single player of the Packers all the same, not one more than another. As good as he is/was, I still think he just made a huge crack in his legacy with this whole “I’m retired, wait I want to play again” crap. As a fan of the Green Bay Packers and for living in Green Bay, WI my whole life, I’m glad he’s finally done and he got what he deserved. I’m a PACKER fan, not a Favre fan. Good job on the article Monty. Packer fan for life!

  6. LEJ February 11, 2009

    I am so sick of Brett Favre. He was great. He retired. His ego could not take it that people went on without him so he did his prima donna act. I expect him to do it again this year. His legacy is tarnished.

    I look at him honestly without the green and gold colored glasses on. Sadly there are those who refuse to do so.

    Goodbye Brett. Stay away this time.

  7. John from Wisconsin February 11, 2009

    I pretty much agree with everything Josh said. I’d like to add that I was never too angry with Favre for wanting to continue to play, but I find his quotes laughable because they were true. Of course Green Bay sent him to Football Siberia.

    I was shocked that he was able to get the Jets some early wins, but his old body and old mind were not strong enough to endure an entire NFL season. And to hear some of the quotes come from his Jets teammates was priceless.

    I actually think Favre was hungry, lovable, and tough-as-nails leader. Somewhere along the line he let the fame, the hype, and the glory that was showered on him get to his head. Shame on Favre for tarnishing his own legacy. I will never forget the good times he provided us, but it’s like getting married to a super hot chick and then watching her get cancer right before the end.

  8. Josh February 11, 2009

    With Favre hopefully retired this time I for one am not bitter about anything he has done. Hell quite frankly if I was doing something that i loved for as many years as he has I would have an extremely hard time giving it up too. His legacy is not tarnished because honestly its an individual opinion if it actually is. One person says it is, another says its not. I for one say its not and again thats my own opinion. The die hard fans of Green Bay who by rights should still be fans of Brett Favre stood by this man when everything wrong was going on. And it was our own choice. We were optimistic when he replaced the Magic Man. We hoped for a good recovery when he went into rehab for pain killers. We cheered him on during those Super Bowl games. Our hearts were heavy when he played one of the greatest games ever on the day after his dad passed away. And come on, someone bought their wife/girlfriend a pink ribbon Packer hat when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I for one am happy to even say that our team the Packers had one of the greatest QB’s in NFL history. So farewell Brett, sure as hell glad you were on our side and not spending so many seasons with a team like Minnesota or Chicago.