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Aaron Rodgers

This about sums it up.

In the first half of the Green Bay Packers excruciating 51-29 loss to the New Orleans Saints, there were a few questionable calls and non-calls that went New Orleans’ way. Something stunk about a lot of those (the Drew Brees intentional grounding non-call, for example) and had the game stayed close, I would have made a big deal about them, but the Packers simply got spanked in the second half.

Why did the Packers get spanked?

1. The Packers offensive line sucks. I really, really don’t see any talent on this line. They have been horrible all year.

2. The Packers defensive line simply cannot pressure the quarterback. This has to be priority number one in the next draft. More than anything, this lost the game for Green Bay. Mike, throw in a blitz every now and then. Please.

3. Aaron Rodgers sucked. A horrible night. Props for his hard post-interception tackle though.

4. The Packers receivers were not making plays. Again, where the hell is James Jones?

5. The Packers defensive backs are just not as good as we thought. Not even close.

Have you noticed that whenever the New York Jets turn in a great game, the Packers lay an egg? And before anyone starts pounding the “shouldn’t have traded Favre” drum, please remember the guy wanted to be a Viking. Fuck that guy. He has nothing to do with the shoddy line play this season.

Speaking of Favre, did anyone notice that’s all Tony Kornheiser talked about? Again? What is it with Monday Night Football and shitty color commentators? Why isn’t Ron Jaworski enough color? Kornheiser brings nothing to the table. Here’s hoping he’s back on PTI full time next season. Good lord.

The Packers’ season is over. I’ll be posting draft updates soon.



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. Ben November 25, 2008

    I don’t think the offense really played poorly at all. Rodgers had 3 interceptions, one of them was when the game was over..4th down and no reason to throw to the check downs. Another when Jennings fell down that may have been an INT anyway.. and one really bad throw.. but he also had 2 TDs and almost 250 yards. Not his best game but not that bad.

    Jennings had more than 100 yards receiving.. Driver had about 50. That core did well.

    And well.. Grant, only 67 yards but that comes from a quarter and a half where running the ball seemed ludicrous.

    The defense did play very poorly. Atari Bigby looked absolutely terrible.. including giving up Lance Moore’s 70 yard TD… His replacement Rouse didn’t provide the help uptop on the Marques Colston TD.. the blame there goes between Rouse and Woodson.

    Those 2 plays are 150 yards of the offense. Moore still had a pretty good game without that play (he had 45 OTHER yards on 4 receptions).. but that’s not great by any means..

    Outside of those two big plays.. the Packers got torched by the tight ends and running backs… a lot of that game belongs on the shoulders of the linebacker corps. That and they still haven’t fixed the run defense. I think big changes need to be made on the defensive line.

    Really, I think we learned a lot about our defensive backs but it’s not like they’re terrible. I still have the faith, but I think they have something to prove on Sunday.

  2. Monty November 25, 2008

    I don’t think it was the “defensive backs” as a whole, but the coverage as a whole. Our linebackers were out of position several times. Namely, AJ Hawk and even the usually-reliable Brandon Chillar. Also, on that long TD in the first half, Atari Bigby got his pants taken off. I thought I was watching Chuck Cecil trying to cover someone. I have to think Rouse would have made that tackle, or at least taken a decent angle to the ball.

  3. steffen November 25, 2008

    D Line plays a part in this though. I recall three or four genuine pressures in the game and only one sack. You cannot give a guy like Brees that much time in the pocket, no matter how good your dbs are. Yes, our LB coverage was horribel. Again, let’s get Rouse on the field as a passing down linebacker. Please. Also, I apologize for my truncated post game analysis, but you know, real world responsibilities call.

  4. Dave November 26, 2008

    ~WS Family representing~

    First off; I didn’t see the game (listened to Wayne & BWAAAAAALarry). That said I am wondering if our overall defensive scheme (aka Bump n Run, high pressure man coverage all the time) is just too boom & bust (in this game all bust). This and some luck has given us a lot of pick-sixes but also gives us the occasional (or more than occasional) 70 yard bomb to Lance Moore / Miles Austin or whoever.

    I would much rather have a consistent defense that can stop the run and force the offense into 3rd and long on a regular basis.

    Our defense also seems to rely on the *only* D-line for pressure too much; pressure that just isn’t there consistently. Beyond Kampman we have no one worth mentioning.

    sigh. Even with all these problems we can still contend for the division title by picking up 2 more wins and beating the Bears. The entire season basically now rests on the Bears game. Huge.