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Donald Lee is number 1.

Donald Lee is number 1.

Coming off two heartbreakingly close losses in a row, the Green Bay Packers desperately needed a win on Sunday to keep their division championship hopes alive. The Chicago Bears gave the Packers everything they had for the first two minutes or so, but in the end, Green Bay emerged from the hard fought game as the victors, 37-3.

But in all seriousness, that was an epic beatdown. Chicago isn’t actually that bad. The Packers may not be that good. I think three things happened.

The Packers controlled the lines of scrimmage and avoided mistakes. And Chicago got outcoached. Whoever their defensive coordinator is woefully misjudged the Green Bay game plan, assuming the Packers would rely on a pass heavy attack. Once it was evident that Green Bay planned on running the ball, they were reluctant to adjust and Ryan Grant ran wild.

  • Aaron Rodgers was great. Looked like his old self. 23-for-30 on the day. He dumped it off to check downs or threw it away instead of taking sacks. Very accurate.
  • Ryan Grant. I have been very hard on this dude, but it looks like he’s turned the corner. If the Packers can get this type of running from him the rest of the way out, they’ll be in business. It should be noted, that last year’s second round pick, Brandon Jackson also ran very hard and finished with 50 yards. The Packers need to get him involved more.
  • The Packers defensive backs are just ridiculous. Interceptions aside, since the Falcons game, they have shut down everyone. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a great statistical breakdown of what they have accomplished. Pretty eye opening even if they aren’t exactly facing Jerry Rice every week. It will be a crime if Nick Collins and Charles Woodson don’t make it to the Pro Bowl this year. In fact, why don’t you go vote for them now?
  • Great to see both the O and the D lines bounce back. Can’t say I’m a believer in either squad yet.
  • Message to Ted Thompson: Sign Greg Jennings. Now. Give him whatever he wants.
  • Another message to Ted Thompson: Jordy Nelson was a great pick. His numbers are not eye popping, but look closer. Of his 21 catches this year, 13 have been for first downs. That shows remarkable presence and route running for a rookie. He is also earning a reputation for being a tough downfield blocker.
  • The personal foul call on Colin Cole after Devin Hester ran into him was total BS.
  • If A.J. Hawk continues to play well as a middle linebacker, Nick Barnett’s future role with the team will come into question. Honestly, having the stronger more stout Hawk in the middle makes more sense anyway. You have to wonder why they didn’t switch positions in the first place. The player to watch for the rest of the season will be Brandon Chillar. If he continues his own high level of play, Barnett’s massive salary and suspect knee may become expendable.
The Packers pass defense will find out how good they really are next week, as they face Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints’ volatile pass offense. Also, stay tuned for more Vikings suspensions!



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.


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