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Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings: the new sheriff in town.

I’d be a lot more excited about the Green Bay Packers 27-17 win over the Seattle Seahawks if I didn’t already know that Seattle is truly an awful team. But as they say in Cliche Town, “a win is a win.”


  • Aaron Rodgers is still playing well. On top of that, his shoulder is still causing him considerable pain. There’s no doubt that Brett Favre is probably enjoying watching the Packers struggle this year, but I also bet that part of him is getting a kick out of watching his old understudy show this kind of grit.
  • Greg Jennings. I know the guy hasn’t been around that long, but I think it’s fair to say the Packers haven’t had a receiver this good since Sterling Sharpe. Better than Donald Driver, Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks – all of them.
  • Charles Woodson. We’ve never had a cornerback this good. If he doesn’t make it to the Pro Bowl this year, something is wrong with the system. Not only does he lock his guys up playing man-to-man coverage, he has also become dangerously deceptive in zone coverages.
  • Aaron Kampman. I was just about to start asking where this guy went. He is a locker room leader, one of the key components to the Packers defense and it was time for him to step up. Along with his fellow linemen, he had been invisible the last couple weeks. Leading by example, Kampman was on fire all day and wound up with two sacks.
  • Tramon Williams. Three weeks in relief of Al Harris, three picks, no major mistakes. You heard it here first. Williams will be a great player.


  • Run game. I can’t put all of this on the offensive line. Normally, that’s the problem, but I can see the holes. I can see the cutback lanes. Ryan Grant, somehow, cannot. With his ability he should be racking up 150+ yards in a game where he gets 33 carries. Instead, Grant wound up with 90 yards. The Packers need a breakout game from Grant, or teams will completely stop respecting the run game. Next week vs. the Colts would be a good a time. What do you say Ryan?
  • Penalties. Less of a factor than the last few games, but how about a game where we don’t see any? That would be great.


Two of the nail-biter games this week featured losses for two of the teams I loathe the most.

  • The Chicago Bears thought they had the game wrapped up after scoring a touchdown with 11 seconds left. What followed is what makes the NFL so awesome. Improbably, Atlanta got a good return on the kickoff, followed by a perfectly thrown pass by Matt Ryan. That set up the game-winning field goal as time expired. Put this one on the Bears’ coaching staff. The first fuck up was calling for the squib kick. They should have at least noticed that Atlanta anticipated it and placed wide receivers and return men in to block instead of o-linemen. The second mistake was staying in a cover 2. Look, I’m no fan of prevent defense – unless it’s in the final seconds. Why do coaches always switch to prevent when there is two minutes left but never when it’s actually supposed to be employed?
  • I’m not going to analyze the Cowboys-Cardinals thriller. All I’m going to say is I’m glad I scooped up Kurt Warner on my fantasy team. The end of the game review fiasco was, well, a fiasco… and… suck it Cowboys’ fans. There is no other franchise in pro sports that deserves the tailspin you are about to enter. No other fans that deserve the type of frustration and humiliation that you are about to endure. So suck it, Dallas.



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. Monty October 13, 2008

    Greg Jennings may yet be the best receiver we’ve had since James Lofton. He changes the game. In today’s NFL, he’s on par with Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall. As for the Cowboys, they can suck my ass, but a Cowboys fan will never be as fucking ignorant as a Vikings fan.

  2. wslc October 13, 2008

    Yes, Vikings fans are the total package, but Cowboys fans present a special kind of self-righteous redneck entitlement that gets under my skin.

  3. Randall October 14, 2008

    Part of what makes Jennings so great is playing opposite Driver. Defenses have to cover both, whereas Sharpe never had another great rec’er & thus faced more double teams than Jennings. Jennings does great in Yards After Catch.

  4. wslc October 14, 2008

    Yes, I don’t want to disrespect what Driver does. He continually adds weapons to his arsenal as he gets older. Has everyone noticed the spin-after-catch move that he has developed the last couple years? That always gets him a few extra yards. WR has always been my favorite position and even though this season looks like it won’t pan out, it’s been fun watching these guys. Can’t wait for Jones to get healthy…