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Brett Favre - baby

Blinded with rage, is about the best way I can describe the way I feel about the latest Brett Favre drama.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer first broke the story Sunday, that Brett Favre divulged nuances of the Green Bay offense to Detroit Lions’ coaches before the Packers v. Lions week two tilt.

I know what you’re thinking – the greatest Packer ever would do no such thing to his former team. Well, think again. Glazer, who is no lightweight NFL reporter, got the info from several sources and says Favre spent over an hour on the phone with Lions’ coaches, after being connected by good buddy and since disposed Lions’ GM, Matt Millen.

Jason Wilde, a writer for the Wisconsin State Journal, confirmed Glazer’s report with his own sources.

Two league sources said Sunday they had been told of Favre contacting the Lions last month, before Glazer’s report. One said the report was “absolutely” true.

Apparently, the information sessions were not only limited to the Lions, although others were not as in depth.

Other teams the Packers have played had also heard about the Favre coaching clinic with Detroit. In addition, there have been rumors that Favre has spoken to other teams giving them information, but most of those teams insist they have not heard from the famed gunslinger.

However, another team says it has had casual talks in the past with Favre and talked about some of what Green Bay does, but it was nowhere near the details he let loose to the Lions.

Glazer stood by his report on The Jim Rome Show on Monday:

Most importantly, Glazer said that he stands by the story “1,000 percent.”

“You can’t be 95 percent on this,” Glazer said.  “You can’t be 99 percent on this.”

Predictably, the Packers weren’t too happy.

“You know, I don’t respect that,” Packers cornerback Charles Woodson said, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “If they call him and he gives them information, that’s one thing. But to seek a team out and feel like, I guess, you’re trying to sabotage this team, I don’t respect that. I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time, but there’s no honor in that.”

Favre, meanwhile, denies the whole thing. It was later reported the the denial was in the form of a text message to SI’s Peter King, which reminds me of the time Favre texted another reporter denying rumors about his comeback, before it was revealed that he wanted to come back all along.

First, let me establish that Brett did nothing against the rules in giving the Lions, or anyone else, information about his old team.

What this shows us, is the real Brett Favre. He may still be the guy who threw all those touchdown passes, but he’s now revealed himself for the truly selfish, arrogant, deceitful, whiny prima donna that he is.

There were hints of the selfishness and jealousy during his comeback this past summer and the subsequent trade to the New York Jets, but this is sad, especially considering the Packers’ organization and community supported him through drug and alcohol addiction, marital problems, deaths in his family, and his wife’s breast cancer ordeal.

How soon we forget.

Never once did we question the great Favre or his motives, and how does he react when the Packers decide it’s time to turn the page? Like a spoiled child.

Get over yourself, asshole. It’s time to let it go.

Mike Florio puts it into perspective at SportingNews.com.

If the reports are true, Favre’s actions represent the machinations of a deeply-troubled mind. It’s one thing for Favre to dislike the members of the team’s front office or coaching staff. It’s quite another for him to go out of his way, at a time when he should have been doing anything and everything in his power to prepare for his new team’s Week 2 game against their arch-rivals from New England, to try to hurt the franchise that provided him with the canvas on which he worked all those masterpieces.

Brett Favre, you are classless.

Brett Favre, you are a scumbag.

Brett Favre, you are dead to me.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TPS October 21, 2008

    I am seriously beginning to believe this guy might retire as a Jet. Jay Glazer was saying that he held onto this story for the right moment, and after the Favre/Romo finger-bang call, Glazer pulled the trigger. Glazer is legit, one of the best in the biz. That said, I would like to give Favre the benefit of the doubt until more information comes out. For example, if it was a conversation about hunting that led to Millen asking about the Pack that’s one thing. But if Favre instigated this and we discover that he reached out for this purpose alone, it’s over for me.
    I hope he throws 9,000 INTS next week.
    By the way, have you noticed that ESPN hasn’t made a big deal of this at all? Guess since they didn’t break it they won’t headline it.

  2. hobo bill October 21, 2008

    Its impossible for Glazer to be absolutely certain of the story. All he can say is that someone said it happened. Did he report about the fake cellphone story that Thompson leaked or mis-report the chartered plane story that everyone is confused about?

    Leroy Butler said on WSSP that he checked the story with his sources and that it wasn’t true as reported. He said that it wasn’t Favre who made the call and that it was more conversational. Good luck hearing that information. Instead the usual suspects will claim Glazer is magnificent because Thompson has leaked to him before. Whoopie. Oh and Butler also said the Romo story wasn’t accurate either.

    To people like you Satan himself could be GM of the Packers and the team could be filled with pedophiles and con men, but you would still root for the team.

    THe best thing that could happen to the Packers is to lose and lose a lot. The people holding the team hostage are not “Packer people.”

    I look forward to you putting up a post that is based on facts instead of speculation. That would be honest and mature.

  3. kidnotorious2001 October 21, 2008

    To Hobo Hill:

    Um, ok, just so I get this straight…we cannot believe Glazer because he cannot “be absolutely certain of the story. All he can say is that someone said it happened.” But then you turn around and use the same criteria to believe Leroy Butler that you just got done saying made Glazer’s story questionable. And to make the statement that “To people like you Satan himself could be GM of the Packers and the team could be filled with pedophiles and con men, but you would still root for the team” is more than a little childish and immature to the extreme, don’t you think? I may not like Thompson very much, but until the season comes to an end, there is not too much we can do about him being there. But to compare him to a pedo? All I have to say is WOW…..just WOW! I’ve been a Packer fan for over 41 years and I have NEVER seen vitriol and spite like I have seen since June. It is sad to see that one of the things that made Packer fans family is now the very thing that is tearing us apart, that being BF. Unfortunately in this world, once a story has broken it is never incumbent upon the reporter to prove it’s true, but upon the subject of said report to prove it’s false. Now don’t get me wrong, I would like nothing more than to believe Favre did not do this. But for some fans to categorically deny that Favre is capable of doing something like this is just as big an idiotic sin as others categorically believing he absolutely did it! To say that he is not capable of doing this out of revenge is bestowing upon him god-like immunity to human emotions. He is just a man, not superman. How many of us have wanted to get back at a boss or friend who we feel “Did us wrong”? For any fan of any team to hope that their team “lose and lose alot” shows that they are not true fans. I would put forth the idea that you, sir, are really not “Packer People”!

  4. Devil's Advo October 21, 2008

    Perhaps he was overreacting to the way he was treated during his botched return attempt to GB in the summer of 2008. The Packers had already rightly turned their back on him because you cannot run a team with uncertainty at such a critical on-field position. But the tone was set by the Packers. He was a QB scorned and felt he had to lash out.

    In Favre’s mind, they were less accommodating the second time. Being a supportive fan to a player and his off-field plights is separate from business.

    He was wishy-washy to his employer. He got rightfully douched by his employer, he became a whiner, tried to hurt the Pack.

    If fans are going to inject emotion into this story and somehow feel betrayed. Look at your unaccommodating front office and ask yourselves: should we have just stood by and waited for the great one to make up his mind? Or- do we like our team more now because they’re thinking about not sucking when he leaves in 1-2 years anyway.

    Favre’s actions are truly not the cause of your anger.

  5. TPS October 21, 2008

    Hey kidnotorious2001.

    Well said, thanks.

  6. Porkchop October 22, 2008

    What pisses me off the most about him is how long we suffered through his GD thumb injuries for the sake of his GD record, as if we effing owed it to him. Looking back, i guess we shouldn’t be surprised how this panned out, that’s the way he’s always acted.

    The most accurate description I’ve heard of Favre was he’s just like Jake Plummer: He could win or lose a game with one ill advised throw.

    To Hobo Bill, About the Satan comments- what makes you think they aren’t?

    Go Pack go.

  7. george August 9, 2010

    grow up!! you idiot