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Brad Childress – Getting Stupider By the Day

That's right, I'm an idiot.

Something funny happened in Minnesota on Sunday.

The despicable Minnesota Vikings and their idiot fans almost lost to the lowly Detroit Lions.

In the end the Vikings pulled out a 12-10 victory, largely thanks to Lions QB Dan Orlovsky, who was making his first NFL start, inexplicably running out of the back of the end zone to give the Vikings a safety in the first quarter.

Of course, in Queensland, said safety wasn’t a case of not knowing where the hell you are on the field, inexperience, or just plain stupidity. It was, as the announcer informed us, Orlovsky being “forced out of the end zone by an on-charging scumbag Jerad Allen.” Right, that’s exactly what transpired…

Anyway, it seems that living in Queensland – where pretty much everyone is a deluded idiot – has turned Queens coach Brad Childress into a moronic fool as well. Perhaps it’s something in those 10,000 lakes…

Towards the end of Sunday’s game, Queens fans – the classy bunch that they are – were booing Childress. In their defense, of which there is no defense or excuse for being a fan of the Vikings, I would have booed that dickwad too.

Not only has Childress, who achieved an approval rating of 8% in a recent poll, taken a team that was widely considered a Super Bowl contender before the season and turned them into an average 3-3 team, but he can’t count either.

With Detroit holding a 10-2 lead late in the third quarter, the Vikings finally scored a touchdown. After which, they would obviously go for 2 points to tie up the score kicked the extra point to make it 10-9.

A curious decision, considering that if the conversion failed, the Vikings would still be able to kick a field goal later in the game to win 11-9. That is, based on the assumption that their defense was able to stop the vaunted Detroit offense for a quarter.

During his press conference, Childress defended his decision.

“There were a couple of minutes to go in the third quarter,” Childress said. “At that point, it was a little bit too early.”

Childress referred to the infamous “chart,” which says to “go for it.”

“But not at the end of the third quarter,” he said.

Yet he wasn’t as clear when asked what the downside was of going for two instead of the one-point kick.

“We wouldn’t be kicking or having a chance at a game-winning field goal here at the end,” Childress said. “You just have to decide. It’s a coach’s decision. I’m not sure that was a real game-changer there.”

I see. Well, that clears things right up…

Childress responded to his detractors today, likening Vikigns fans to Philly fans, where they (rightfully) cheered when Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin injured his neck and had to be carted off the field.

Be thankful Packers fans, that such a fine organization has been blessed with such an outstanding coach. They deserve nothing less.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.