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Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant is insulted.

Ted Thompson – I’ve had your back from day one.

I watched with glee as you zanily traded back again and again in every draft, nodded my head in approval when you frugally passed over high-priced free agents, but now you, Mike McCarthy, and Mark Murphy have a big sloppy mess on your hands.

Two, in fact.

First, the obvious one – Brett Favre. Don’t get me wrong; you guys have handled it the only way you could and you did it with an eye towards long-term and hopefully immediate success. But you have to fight fire with fire and right now Favre is making you guys look like idiots.

Sure, loose lips sink ships, but right now the ship is taking on water and it’s time to respond to Favre’s accusations and denials. Brett has the national media in his pocket, they take his word as bond and right now your names are mud. Every one is dismissing the tampering charges (as I predicted they would) and why? Pretty much because Brett Favre simply said, “No tampering occurred.” Oh, OK.

As for Brad Childress? “No tampering occurred.” That clears that up. Say, Brad whatever happened to letting the league handle the situation? Looks like they already did and said it was OK for you to start talking about it.

It’s time for you guys to stand up and spell out what you believe and what you want. You guys are running the show as if it was the Bush administration. Stand up for the Packers and for yourselves. Brett told everyone that would listen that you “begged” him to stay away from training camp for a couple days.

Begged. Like a dog. Be a man Ted. He’s been throwing you and your team under the bus again and again.

Trade him. Now. Lower your asking price. Jettison him for a fifth or sixth-round pick and add two clauses: 1. the pick increases to a first or second if he makes the playoffs and, 2. he can’t be re-traded to any team in the division.

See, this GM racket isn’t so hard.

Onto mess number two.

You have “insulted” Ryan Grant. Pay the dude.

His agent wants a performance-based contract, which is fair. Pay the dude.

Don’t offer him less that what you are now paying Brady Poppinga – a linebacker who would be second string on most teams.

Clean that up lickety split Ted. You guys have enough bullshit on your plate as it is.



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.