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Can the Course of Jimmy Graham’s Career Be Reversed?

  One of the hallmarks of the Thompson-McCarthy era was releasing players while they still had productive years of football left in them. It looks like the Gutekunst-LaFleur pairing is trying to avoid such a mistake with respect to Jimmy Graham. We all know that Jimmy is being overpaid. Regardless, it does appear the Packers […]

The Matt LaFleur Accolades Watch

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill compliments. They are uniformly effusive praises, both of the man himself, and how he goes about his work. Robert Griffin III, Ravens quarterback, former Redskins quarterback (2012-15): The Packers got a great one. Matt’s a great coach and a better guy. . .And he never abandoned me while he was in […]

To Become Competitive, Packers Must Improve Third Down Conversion Rate

  Okay, I’m a bit of a statistics worshiper. When assessing a team’s offense, one of the most telling stats is third down success rate. The Packers’ declining rate for this benchmark mirrors their declining win-loss percentage. From 2010 through 2014, the Packers third down conversion percentage was always among the top ten. In the […]

Still Plenty of Talk About Packers Picking Up Antonio Brown

Myself and others have thrown out the idea of the Packers picking up Antonio Brown as a free agent to help bolster the team’s wide receiver position. This is a position that the team desperately needs to improve upon. Brown would bring with him a lot of talent – albeit with some caveats, of course. […]

Your 2019 Packers: Freed from McCarthy’s Shackles!

  Yes, the difficult 2018 season is finally over. It’s time to contemplate better things to come. Don’t think of this post as a backwards look at many years of oppression. Instead, consider it as a look forward at a team under new, smarter, and more inspired leadership. The Packers are freed from a coach […]

How Should the Pack Go About Filling Its Slot Receiver Hole?

For better or worse, Randall Cobb has been almost exclusively the team’s predominant slot receiver for the past eight seasons. For better was 2014, when Cobb put up these numbers: 91 catches, 1,287 yards, 12 TDs. He also had good numbers in 2012 (80, 954, and 8) and 2015 (79, 829, and 6). For worse […]

Belichick Is a Great Manager As Well As Coach

Yesterday, I did a post on how the Patriots’ Bill Belichick as a coach turned ordinary players into stars. Today I’ll recount some examples of how New England’s de facto general manager has skillfully acquired talented players via trade and free agency acquisition. He’s not only the Pats’ head coach. Bill Belichick is the effective […]

Belichick: the NFL’s Leading Producer of Silk Purses

Even the most dedicated Belichick haters are largely conceding that it can’t be all luck, or all due to Tom Brady – the man in the hoodie is a genius at bringing out the talent in his personnel. I’ve been hot on a theme that great coaches find ways to get the most out of […]

Several Former Packers Try Their Luck with New Pro League

The Alliance of American Football (AAF), a new 8-team professional football league, presented its first games last weekend. The league consists of the following teams: Birmingham Iron, Arizona Hotshots, San Antonio Commanders, Orlando Apollos, Memphis Express, Salt Lake City Stallions, Atlanta Legends and San Diego Fleet. All the teams are located in the south half […]

We Now Know Why 5th Round Pick Cole Madison Was MIA

Michael Cohen with The Athletic quotes sources in regard to Cole Madison’s strange lack of presence on the team in 2018 after being the fifth-round draft pick. Until now, all we knew was from a press conference in August in which Gutekunst said, ‘He’s still dealing with a personal matter’. Sources: The tragic death of […]

The Greatest Football Coach of Them All?

  Now that the overblown spectacle of the Super Bowl is over, I’d like to put the spotlight on the other end of the football spectrum. If you will indulge me, I’m going to highlight one of the greatest football coaches ever. Watching your home team win a championship is a luxury not every fan […]

What The Packers Really Need From Free Agency

Now that it’s all over and behind us, the 2018 season is one that won’t linger long in the minds of Green Bay Packers fans. It was a time of low achievement, constant behind-the-scenes turmoil, and the potential end of Mike McCarthy’s coaching career (although the man himself says he still has more to do […]

News and Rumors: Aaron Rodgers Pushes For London Game, Packers No.18 in Power Rankings, Dom Capers Turns Down Bengals Job

Diva QB Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Hit Up the London Night Life After a Game: Feelings mutual [email protected] is eager to come to the 🇬🇧 with the @packers 🧀 — NFL UK (@NFLUK) February 7, 2019 “We’re not going to give up a home game because we’re sold out for the next 30 […]

Coach LaFleur’s Priorities for 2019 Should Be Crystal Clear

    Memo: To: Packers Players and Coaches From: Matt The Season’s priorities are as follows: Beat the Vikings, and then beat them again. Beat the Bears, and then beat them again. Beat the Lions, and then beat them again. Be fully motivated to win games against the poorer teams in the league. Arrive fully […]

Luke Getsy’s Return Coincides with McCarthy’s Departure

I’ve tired of getting excited about new position Coaches. They are here for a year or two, then gone off to another team. It’s also hard to analyze how effective they are at their jobs. But over the last three years or so, I did get pretty optimistic when Big Mike promoted Luke Getsy from […]

How will LaFleur get the most out of Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers has spent 14 seasons in the National Football League and only has one Super Bowl ring to show for it. For a man who has the best passer rating in NFL history, that is simply not enough, and it would be a huge shame for his talent to go to waste. At 35 […]