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Injury Prevention 2019 – Part 3

In Part 1, I advocated for the Packers to pay heed to the past health histories of all players they might want to acquire. In Part 2, I listed three more factors to consider when acquiring or utilizing players. In this segment, I’m providing several additional tips that should aid in reducing the number of […]

Injury Prevention 2019 – Part 2

Introduction This is not a sexy topic, and macho men are going to be slow to embrace some of these concepts. Still, if you are a Packers fan, you should be trying to send this message to the club’s management: injuries, and playing time lost due to them, can be measurably cut back – and […]

Are the Packers Finally Strategizing to Reduce Player Injuries?

At his press conference on March 14, Brian Gutekunst was asked if health history was taken into account regarding the free agent signings. He merely responded that it’s “another piece of the puzzle.” I hope he was intentionally trying to downplay some new tactics that the team’s new leaders plan to implement. Injuries are predictable, […]

News: Clay Matthews leaves for the Rams and Randall Cobb to the Cowboys

Offseason moves and shuffling continues as free agents Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb have both found new positions within the league. Clay Matthews was likely facing a pay cut if he stuck around in Green Bay and it looks like the Los Angeles Rams made him a decent offer to snag him for a two-year […]

Green Bay Rolled the Dice Last Tuesday

I grew up playing that great board game, “Risk”. It’s that innocent child’s game whereby you and the neighbor kid, or your insufferable sisters, try to gain world domination by conquering countries and continents, one by one. The game lived up to its name, as it taught you the stakes that were involved when making […]

Packers’ Receivers: It’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait

From the moment Gutey and the boys drafted three wide receivers in successive rounds of the 2018 draft, I knew it was going to be trouble. The Packers had accumulated too many players at the same position. Worse yet, as mid- to late-round picks, they were not bad, but maybe not good enough to be […]

How Do Green Bay’s Free Agency Moves Compare to Its Rivals?

As I write on Saturday, free agent signings are still coming in, but they are already down to a dribble. I’ve focused only on substantial contracts, generally those averaging $4 million per year or more. Some of the contract details mentioned below have been reported, but are not confirmed or official.     Divisional Rivals […]

Packers News: Jake Ryan Leaving for the Jaguars, Geronimo Allison Signs One-Year Contract, Adrian Amos to be 31

The last of the 2015 draft class(See Also: Boy, Does Packers’ 2015 Draft Look Like Crap) will have departed Green Bay now that LB Jake Ryan is reportedly leaving for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ryan’s 2018 season ended before it started with a torn ACL in training camp. Prior to this injury, he was a very […]

Marcedes Lewis on Board Next Season For Same $2.1m as Last Season

After a surge of free agent activity from the Packers recently that many did not fully see coming, the team is now making a few more predictable moves including re-signing TE Marcedes Lewis to a one-year deal. Marcedes Lewis contract details: — Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky) March 15, 2019 TE Marcedes Lewis, 34, received at […]

Is Clay Matthews’ Departure Not So Foregone a Conclusion?

I don’t need your rockin’ chair Your Geritol or your Medicare Well I still got Neon in my veins This grey hair don’t mean a thing I do my rockin’ on the stage You can’t put this possum in a cage My body’s old but it ain’t impaired Well I don’t need your rockin’ chair […]

How Will Billy Turner Fit Into Packers’ Offense?

  While the defense was the primary focus of Gute’s recent rapid-fire free agency binge, OL Billy Turner also joined the team mostly in the shadow of the Smith acquisitions. Who is Billy Turner and what does he have to offer the Packers under Matt LaFleur? Billy Turner started in all 56 games he played […]

Packers’ Defensive Box Now Has Matching Bookends

Smith, noun (plural smiths) – A craftsperson who works metal into desired forms using a hammer and other tools, sometimes heating the metal to make it more workable, especially a blacksmith. Edge rushers are the new rock stars of the NFL. While our prima donna wide receivers usually have to score a touchdown before going […]

Mike Pettine’s Year Two Defense Just Got a Needed Boost – Za’Darius Smith, Adrian Amos, and Preston Smith

When the Green Bay Packers new head coach Matt LaFleur retained defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, they kept a man who lead the Packers to one of the top pass rushing teams in the NFL. Succeeding on the sidelines is nothing new for Pettine, who was defensive coordinator for the Jets from 2009-2012, for the Bills […]

Many Free Agents with Green Bay Ties Are Awaiting the Call

As I write early on Wednesday afternoon, some names familiar to Packers fans are nervously waiting for the phone to ring. At quarterback, the scuttlebutt is that the Cardinals are offering Brett Hundley a 1-year deal in the $2-3 million range. At running back, Ty Montgomery is still available. John Kuhn has just begun enjoying […]

Is Green Bay Becoming an Unattractive Place to Play?

Brian Gutekunst (and his recruiting team) has got a more difficult challenge at free agency time than do most other GMs. Why? Because Green Bay is not a very attractive venue – right now – for NFL players. The negatives are fairly obvious. It has a cold climate, and an outdoor stadium. It lacks the […]

Did You Get Sprayed by the Splash Brian Gutekunst Made

I’ve been pondering a list of the 50 top free agents available in 2019 that CBS Sports compiled. Numbers 28 through 34 are all still available as I write, but 18 of these 27 top players have pending deals. Of those 18 players, how many teams do you think are about to sign up more […]