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Review: Tecmo Bowl Throwback

Tecmo Bowl Throwback

The much-anticipated Tecmo Bowl Throwback was finally released on PS3 this week and I, like so many recovering Tecmo Bowl addicts, downloaded it as soon as I could. At 9.99 in the Playstation 3 marketplace, this shot of gridiron nostalgia was too cheap to pass up. I hadn’t been following the development of the game […]

First Look At The New Tecmo Bowl

Thurman Thomas Tecmo Super Bowl

We’re going to take a quick detour from the Green Bay Packers to mention that there’s a new Tecmo Bowl game coming out. And sure, I may be dating myself here, but Tecmo Bowl and its follow-up Super Tecmo Bowl – or Tecmo Super Bowl depending on your preference – are still two of the […]