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Letroy Guion Visited the Seahawks

Letroy Guion

Free agent defensive tackle Letroy Guion visited the Seattle Seahawks on Friday, which makes us wonder. What the hell, Green Bay Packers? Let’s get this done!

2015 NFL Free Agency: Day 1 Wrap Up

Jimmy Graham

It’s all of the NFL free agency news you need to know not involving the Green Bay Packers and what we think about it. Here’s the wrap of day one of this nonsense.

Eagles Reportedly Interested in Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams

The Green Bay Packers have some competition for cornerback Tramon Williams. The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly joining the pursuit, which also includes Seattle.

Report: Seahawks Covet Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams

It’s unclear where the Green Bay Packers stand with cornerback Tramon Williams. The Seattle Seahawks may just play a role in whether he returns or not.

Marshawn Lynch Thought that Pick was Funny

Marshawn Lynch has a laugh

Here’s Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch seemingly laughing at his own team’s demise in the Super Bowl. Why? Why does Marshawn Lynch do anything? At least he was as amused as we were.

Watch Seattle Seahawks Fans as Their Team Loses

Seattle Seahawks fans lose

If you’re a fan of any team beside the Seattle Seahawks, you’ll enjoy watching this. It’s the video of Seattle Seahawks fans watching their team blow the Super Bowl.

That 12th Man Nonsense has a New Meaning

12th Man: Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl record

We have long had no respect for the Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man nonsense. Here’s a history lesson to illustrate why and the unfortunate new use for the 12th Man.

Couple Packers were Pretty Happy Seattle Lost

Bruce Irvin

Around the time the Seattle Seahawks melted down and linebacker Bruce Irvin got ejected from the Super Bowl, a couple Green Bay Packers let fly. No love lost here.

Chicago Bears Fans Getting Creative

Chicago Bears fans

Chicago Bears fans really are the cream of the crop. They showed it again on NFC Championship weekend by getting creative to support the Seattle Seahawks. You’ll never believe what an awesome job they did either.

Legend of Shawn Slocum Continues to Grow

Shawn Slocum

Green Bay Packers special teams coach Shawn Slocum is going to be remembered for a long time around these parts. He truly is a special, special talent. Here’s the latest chapter in his legendary run.

Take a Look at These Clowns

Legion of Boom

The Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom has really gone and outdone themselves this time. Check out the photoshoot that made everyone think New Edition was getting back together.

Total View: Seahawks 28, Packers 22

Jermaine Kearse

We’ve watched the NFC Championship game film. If you want to know who really blew it for the Green Bay Packers in their loss to the Seattle Seahawks, here it is. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

Seattle Seahawks Got Away with Two Uncalled Penalties

Michael Bennett is offsides

The Seattle Seahawks got away with two uncalled penalties in their NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers. Two penalties that could have altered the game dramatically.

Jon Ryan Really Stuck it to the Packers

Jon Ryan

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan did The Belt celebration after throwing a touchdown against his former team on Sunday. Here’s footage of Ryan sticking it to the Pack.

Stream of Consciousness: Bottom’s Up Edition

Jermaine Kearse

One more go round. It’s 10 quick thoughts from the Green Bay Packers’ season-ending defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. It’s stream of consciousness.

The Enduring Gift of Brad Jones

A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones and Clay Matthews

Linebacker Brad Jones put together a stellar body of work for the Green Bay Packers in 2014. It culminated in the NFC Championship, when Jones was targeted on a fake field goal.

Seattle Seahawks Fans are Awesome

Seattle Seahawks fans

How awesome are Seattle Seahawks fans? So awesome that a bunch of them got locked out of the stadium on Sunday and didn’t see their team come back to win. You guys are REAL fans!

Five More: Seahawks 28, Packers 22

Aaron Rodgers

With some time to reflect, here are five more thoughts on the Green Bay Packers NFC Championship loss to the Seattle Seahawks, including who’s really to blame.

Packers Author Epic Collapse in Seattle

Marshawn Lynch

The Green Bay Packers, leading, even dominating, for most of the game, managed to author one of the most epic collapses in their history, losing 28-22 to the Seattle Seahawks.

Tonight Show Superlatives: Packers and Seahawks

Packers and Seahawks Tonight Show Superlatives

Jimmy Fallon does Tonight Show Superlatives with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Datone Jones: Hootie if he ate the Blowfish.