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Packers Still Working on B.J. Raji

B.J. Raji

Defensive tackle B.J. Raji, who no one but the Green Bay Packers want, is somehow still not under contract with the Green Bay Packers. They’re working on it though.

Maybe Khyri Thornton Will Do Something This Year

Khyri Thornton

The Green Bay Packers spent a third-round pick on Khyri Thornton last year and he looked like an immediate bust. Will he do anything this year? There’s some hope.

Aaron Rodgers and Sam Dekker Are Talking Trash

Aaron Rodgers and Wisconsin Badgers coach Bo Ryan

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants a piece of Wisconsin Badgers forward Sam Dekker on the basketball court. Seems like a great idea to us.

Darren Sharper Pleads Guilty and Gets a Deal

Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper continues the proud tradition of going from Viking purple to prison orange. His guilty plea to rape charges from four different states will see him in the clink for a while.

NFL’s Spring Meeting Starts Today

NFL Meeting

The NFL owners have their annual spring break meeting starting today. Possible rule changes on the table include another expansion of the use of replay.

The Draft 2015: Areas the Packers Look to Improve

Roger Goodell NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft just over a month away, we start our draft series for 2015 by analyzing the stats and determining which areas the Packers need to improve.

Packers Proud Photobomb Tradition Continues

Aaron Rodgers photobomb

The Green Bay Packers and photobombing… a tradition unlike most others.

Ah Good, Aaron Rodgers is Back to Working Out

Aaron Rodgers in Agoura Hills

No more galavanting around Hollywood and going to exclusive parties for Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback is back to work again. We’re sure you’re all relieved.

Of Course DuJuan Harris Signed with the Vikings

Packers running back DuJuan Harris

Well, this was almost inevitable, wasn’t it? Running back DuJuan Harris was let go by the Green Bay Packers, so of course the Minnesota Vikings signed him.

Today is a Good Day for This Julius Peppers’ Dunk

Julius Peppers

It’s national college basketball day, so what better day than today to relive this Julius Peppers’ dunk? Peppers takes the pass from Ronald Curry for the monster slam.

Charles Woodson Had That Idea Years Ago

Charles Woodson

Move Clay Matthews to inside linebacker? Charles Woodson says he told Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers to do that years ago.

Wisconsin Loves Aaron Rodgers More Than Beer

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is pretty popular among people from Wisconsin. More popular than beer, in fact. His popularity trails just one thing and we’re sure you can guess what it is.

Here’s Exactly Why the Packers Didn’t Sign Tramon Williams

Packers cornerback Tramon Williams makes a pick against the Giants

The details of Tramon Williams’ contract with the Browns make it clear why he’s no longer with the Green Bay Packers. The guaranteed money is greater than the Packers’ total offer.

How About Wes Welker to the Packers?

Wes Welker

The Green Bay Packers could be interested in former Broncos receiver Wes Welker, according to a report. That makes very little sense to us. Here’s why.

Watch Davante Adams Throw Down a 360 Windmill Dunk

Davante Adams dunk

Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams can throw down some wicked dunks on the basketball court. Just watch. And then wonder what he’s doing on the basketball court.

Greg Jennings Would Like the Packers to Take Him Back

Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings

Now that he has been released by the Minnesota Vikings and needs a job, Greg Jennings is sorry about all of those things he said about the Green Bay Packers.

Tramon Williams Thanks You

Tramon Williams

Cornerback Tramon Williams had a long list of people to thank as he moves on from Green Bay to play for the Cleveland Browns. Of course it includes you.

Free Agency – Who’s Left?

B.J. Raji

All is quiet on the northern front as we enter the second week of free agency. However, some free agents that could help the Packers are still out there.

Tramon Williams Will End His Career as a Brown

Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams just turned 32 and became $21 million richer by signing with the Cleveland Browns. Casey Hayward will now have his chance to prove himself.

The Underpaid and the Overpaid

Corey Linsley

A review of the NFL’s performance-based compensation fund provides insights into which Packers are out-playing their contracts and which Packers are not.