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Packers Already Have Second-Best Super Bowl Odds

Aaron Rodgers

The Super Bowl just ended, so naturally there are already odds for Super Bowl 50. The Green Bay Packers have the second-best odds of making it to the next one.

Green Bay Packers Have Second-Best Odds for Super Bowl XLIX

Green Bay Packers cheerleaders

The Green Bay Packers have been installed at 12-1 to win Super Bowl XLIX. Yes, that’s next season’s Super Bowl. Those odds are the second best of the bunch.

Packers Saved the Sports Book

Karlos Dansby game-winner

It appears the Green Bay Packers dramatically helped out two entities last weekend – the Arizona Cardinals, whom they lost a crushing 51-45 overtime contest to, and the Las Vegas sports books. Not surprisingly, bettors were going big on the Packers, who had beaten the Cardinals 33-7 to end the regular season. The Cardinals opened […]