Packers Have Finally Canned Shawn Slocum

Shawn Slocum

The Green Bay Packers have finally canned special teams coach Shawn Slocum. His final undoing was likely the debacle in Seattle, which was just one of many miscues in a career full of them.

Murphy Says Packers can Sign Both Cobb, Bulaga

Randall Cobb

Speaking in Phoenix, Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy noted the team’s salary cap flexibility in saying he feels they can re-sign both Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga.

Jordy Nelson is a Big Brad Paisley Fan

Jordy Nelson and Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is a Green Bay Packers fan. Jordy Nelson is a Brad Paisley fan. Paisley played Green Bay on Thursday night and Jordy was all over that scene!

So Jay Cutler is Not a Leader? Really?


Jay Feely, who kicked briefly for the Chicago Bears in 2014, has some opinions on why they were so bad. He says Jay Cutler and Marc Trestman were not leaders. We find that really hard to believe.

Davon House Sounds Like He’ll Give Packers a Discount

Davon House

Cornerback Davon House will soon be a free agent. Naturally, he wants to start, but he also really, really wants to return to the Green Bay Packers.

Remember the Pontiac Silverdome?

Pontiac Silverdome

Once the proud home of the Detroit Lions (and Wrestlemania III), the Pontiac Silverdome is now a ruinous pile of rumble. Have a look inside what’s left.

Brett Favre: No Hard Feelings for Rodgers

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

Someone has gone and dug up Brett Favre again in order to ask him about Aaron Rodgers. Hey Brett, do you hate Aaron Rodgers? Preposterous, says Brett! Unfortunately for Favre, this is the narrative he’s created.

Chicago Bears Fans Getting Creative

Chicago Bears fans

Chicago Bears fans really are the cream of the crop. They showed it again on NFC Championship weekend by getting creative to support the Seattle Seahawks. You’ll never believe what an awesome job they did either.

Rodgers, Clinton-Dix Join Key & Peele

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Green Bay Packers Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Aaron Rodgers joined Key & Peele for East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition. Go right ahead and watch it here if you’re interested in a laugh.

Clay Matthews Quit on the Packers

Clay Matthews is a quitter

The evidence seems pretty clear now. Clay Matthews wasn’t on the field near the end of regulation during the NFC Championship game because he didn’t want to be. He “needed a minute.”

Shawn Slocum Just Got a Zero Confidence Vote

so you're telling me there's a chance

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy didn’t come out and say he’s going to fire special teams coach Shawn Slocum, but he didn’t give him a vote of confidence either.

Legend of Shawn Slocum Continues to Grow

Shawn Slocum

Green Bay Packers special teams coach Shawn Slocum is going to be remembered for a long time around these parts. He truly is a special, special talent. Here’s the latest chapter in his legendary run.

Take a Look at These Clowns

Legion of Boom

The Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom has really gone and outdone themselves this time. Check out the photoshoot that made everyone think New Edition was getting back together.

Favre Says Rodgers the Best, but Not MVP

Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre believes Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the best in the game, but he doesn’t think he should win the MVP this year. Favre likes Dreamboat for that honor.

Joe Biden Digs Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden is a big Aaron Rodgers fan. That, or he just wants nothing to do with Olivia Munn. Either way, here’s the Veep chatting up the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn at Mortdecai After Party

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn dragged Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to an after party for Mortdecai last week. We know you want to see the photos, so here they are.

You’re on Notice, You Ginger Sonofabitch!

Tim Masthay

The Green Bay Packers put punter Tim Masthay on notice by signing some competition. That comes in the form of former Alabama punter Cody Mandell. Get your shit together, you ginger sonofabitch!

Charles Woodson WILL NEVER DIE!

Charles Woodson

The Oakland Raiders have just signed Charles Woodson to play an 18th NFL season, proving that Charles Woodson will never die, much to the chagrin of Big Ted.

Jay Cutler Takes Care of Kids Like He Plays Football

Jay Cutler and son

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is not very good at playing football and it turns out he’s not very good at taking care of his kids either. Surprising.

Washington Interested in Alonzo Highsmith

Alonzo Highsmith and Sam Shields

Washington has requested permission to talk to Green Bay Packers senior personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith. Welcome to the offseason.