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Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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Brett Favre and the Old Ball Coach

08/31/2015 - 10:02 am

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Brett Favre and Steve Spurrier

It’s the old gunslinger and the old ball coach together at last. Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre stopped by to hang with Steve Spurrier.

Anyone Up for a Brandon Bostick Reunion?

08/31/2015 - 8:00 am

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Brandon Bostick

The Minnesota Vikings released former Green Bay Packers tight end Brandon Bostick on Sunday. And yes, we’re only kidding about that reunion in Green Bay.

Randall Cobb’s Injury “Minor”

08/30/2015 - 2:37 pm

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Randall Cobb vs. Arizona

The Green Bay Packers appear to have dodged a bullet with receiver Randall Cobb’s shoulder injury. It is being called minor and Cobb should be ready for week 1.

Lavon Hooks was Ready To Go

08/30/2015 - 12:00 pm

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Lavon Hooks

Lavon Hooks didn’t record any statistics in Saturday night’s game, but the Green Bay Packers rookie defensive tackle sure was ready to go. See for yourself.

Five More Thoughts on Packers’ Loss to Eagles

08/30/2015 - 9:00 am

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Sam Bradford and Darren Sproles

The Green Bay Packers got pounded by the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night. Here are five more thoughts on the loss, including the special teams and defensive debacles.

Packers Get Killed By Eagles In Ugly Game

08/29/2015 - 8:19 pm

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Brett Hundley

The Philadelphia Eagles pasted the Green Bay Packers 39-26 in what had to be one of the ugliest preseason games we’ve ever seen. Unless you’re an Eagles fan.

Randall Cobb Has Injured Shoulder

08/29/2015 - 5:48 pm

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Randall Cobb: boss

The Green Bay Packers lost a receiver to injury for the second week in a row. This time, Randall Cobb suffered a shoulder injury. Severity isn’t yet known.

This Guy Has Way Too Many Packers Jerseys

08/29/2015 - 2:23 pm

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Packers jersey collection

Here’s the largest and strangest Green Bay Packers jersey collection we’ve seen, including three from TBuck and those Brett Swain and Samkon Gado jerseys you’ve been looking for.

Packers vs. Eagles: What to Watch

08/29/2015 - 8:00 am

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Brett Hundley and Ty Montgomery

The Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles face off in a meaningless game where the Packers will be overmatched. There are still plenty of compelling storylines on the Green Bay side though.

Green Bay Packers Corn Maze

08/28/2015 - 2:00 pm

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Green Bay Packers corn maze

It’s just what the title says it is. You can go get yourself lost in a Green Bay Packers corn maze! At least, providing the Packers don’t shut it down first.

What Do We Think About Seahawks Fans?

08/28/2015 - 12:00 pm

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Seattle Seahawks fans

Seattle Seahawks fans — they’re kind of just there. Or are we missing something? Should these morons stir feelings of hatred or otherwise? We ask you.

Guess Who You Get To See Week 1…

08/28/2015 - 8:03 am

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Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

The Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears in week 1 and Fox apparently thinks that’s the No. 1 game on their schedule. You know what that means!

Letroy Guion’s Suspension Upheld

08/27/2015 - 5:44 pm

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Letroy Guion

The Green Bay Packers will be light on the defensive line to open the season. Defensive end Letroy Guion’s three-game suspension has been upheld by the league.

Packers Trying to Lowball Mike Daniels

08/27/2015 - 12:00 pm

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Mike Daniels

The Green Bay Packers have broken off contract negotiations with defensive lineman Mike Daniels because they think he’s asking for too much. He isn’t.

Aaron Rodgers May Not Play Until Regular Season

08/27/2015 - 10:00 am

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Aaron Rodgers sacked

The Green Bay Packers will already be undermanned for their third preseason game and now it appears Aaron Rodgers is done until the regular season. By choice, though.

Jermichael Finley Wonders How Good Aaron Rodgers Is

08/27/2015 - 8:00 am

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Jermichael Finley gets his groove back

Ah, Jermichael Finley. Still good for saying something stupid even in retirement. Here, Finley wonders how good Aaron Rodgers will be without Jordy Nelson.

Jordy Was Going to Walk It Off

08/26/2015 - 2:00 pm

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Jordy Nelson injury

It didn’t look like much of an injury. Apparently, it didn’t feel like one either. Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson considered walking it off when he tore his ACL.

Clay Matthews Will Grace Us With His Presence This Week

08/26/2015 - 12:00 pm

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Clay Matthews less beard

The Green Bay Packers will finally see linebacker Clay Matthews on the field this week. Matthew returned to practice on Wednesday and vows to play Saturday.

Jared Abbrederis is Active Again

08/26/2015 - 10:00 am

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Jared Abbrederis

Receiver Jared Abbrederis has been sidelined by a concussion since training camp began. He finally looks like he might once again see the practice field soon.

Where God Meant for Jordy Nelson to Get Hurt

08/26/2015 - 8:00 am

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Glover Quin

Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin, a scholarly individual if there ever was one, knows why Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson got hurt. God said so.