Al Harris

Harris Admits He Won’t Be Ready For Camp

Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris admitted he probably won’t be ready for action when training camp opens, on Monday, but said he plans on being the team’s opening day starter. “There’s no doubt in my mind,” Harris said after the team’s first mandatory minicamp practice, which Harris spent inside the Don Hutson Center working […]

Checking In On Al Harris

There hasn’t been anything terribly enlightening in the latest installments of the National Football Post’s video series on Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris’ rehabilitation. Still, they are kind of interesting if you want to see how he trains in the offseason. Much of the work you’ll see in these two videos is speed training.

Al Harris’ Injury Worse Than We Thought

Al Harris

There was a time when Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris said he would return from his knee injury in six months. The injury happened in November, so that date has passed and as the days go on, it seems unlikely Harris will be ready for football action anytime soon. Yesterday, it was noted that […]

Al Harris Is Back!

OK, so Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris isn’t back on the football field, but he’s back in Green Bay, where he’ll finish rehabbing his surgically-repaired knee. Harris made a surprise appearance at the Packers’ OTAs on Wednesday and said he intends to stay, although he isn’t close to returning to the field. When asked, […]

Check Out Al Harris’ New Do

We’ve got the latest video of Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris from the National Football Post, as he nears the end of his rehab journey. In it, Al is sporting a new do. No more straight-up dreadlocks. Al now has some sort of braided, cornrow dreads. Whether hey make him more badass than he […]

Al Harris On His Way To Green Bay

OK, perhaps Al Harris isn’t currently on his way to Green Bay. It’s more of a metaphorical statement. Harris, the Green Bay Packers’ starting cornerback before tearing up his knee last December, says he’s a week or two from joining his teammates in Green Bay in the National Football Post’s latest video on his recovery. […]

Al Harris Getting Into Football Shape

In this latest video from the National Football Post featuring Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris’ comeback from knee surgery we learn something Packers’ fans are going to love. Al Harris has come back far enough that he’s now focusing on getting into football shape. He’s perfecting the cuts and speed that’s made him a […]

Al Harris’ Recovery Time “Tremendous”

We’ve been detailing the recovery of Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris from major knee surgery with help from the National Football Post’s video series. We missed the last installment, which was posted a couple of weeks ago, because we were too busy blathering on about the draft. But that’s over now, so I thought […]

Al Harris Still Pushing Through, But Packers Aren’t Certain What To Expect

We’ve talked about cornerback Al Harris’ rehab on several occasions, mostly through the help of the video series produced by the National Football Post. While Harris continues to push through what must be a draining process, which you’ll see in the video below, the Green Bay Packers don’t seem to have full confidence Harris will […]

Al Harris Looking Good

We’ve been posting all of the Al Harris Road to Recovery videos produced by the National Football Post, but part six really didn’t have anything notable about it, so we disregarded it. Part seven, which was released at the end of last week, is a little bit more enlightening. In it, the Green Bay Packers […]

Al Harris: Fear the Dreads

That’s what Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris has to say to opposing receivers, as he enters week five of his rehabilitation, shown in this video produced by the National Football Post. At least the dude is in a good mood. He can also keep his surgically repaired left leg almost completely straight, which is […]

Al Harris: I Can’t Bend My Fucking Knee!

OK, maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris really can’t bend his surgically reconstructed knee, at least not fully. In part four of the video series on Harris’ rehabilitation, produced by the National Football Post, Al shows you just what a surgically repaired knee can do – or not […]

Al Harris Can’t Leave the Money On the Table

Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris continues to rehabilitate his surgically repaired knee and in this week’s video installment, produced by the National Football Post, we learn two things. First, Harris, who’s 35, says he’s attempting to come back because he wants to fulfill the final two years of his contract, or, as he states, […]

Al Harris Still Shooting For Six Months

Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris is continuing to rehabilitate his left knee after reconstructive surgery. You can take a look at his work in the video below, which is part two of a continuing series (part one) being produced by the National Football Post. Harris reiterates something he said after he got injured in […]

Al Harris’ Road to Recovery

When the Green Bay Packers’ Al Harris tore up his knee in November, we knew it would be a long road to recovery. Still, Harris has promised that he’ll be ready to play once the season begins. Now, thanks to the National Football Post, you can see just how long and painful Harris’ road back […]

Harris, Kampman Done For the Year

Harris inury

As we mentioned yesterday, the Green Bay Packers win over the San Francisco 49ers likely came at a cost. The cost is, unfortunately, higher than anyone had planned for, as both outside linebacker Aaron Kampman and cornerback Al Harris will be lost for the season with torn ACLs. While the Packers will be down two […]

Green Bay Packers: 5 Reasons for Excitement

Hi. Im here to save Mike McCarthys job.

With training camp beginning at the end of the month, I am starting to get excited for the upcoming Green Bay Packers season. Since we’re in the down time between the Packers mini-camp and training camp, I figured now is as good a time as any to get you excited too. There are some very […]

Al Harris: Fuck You Guys!


Don’t ever question me, motherfucker! The Green Bay Packers have been lucky enough to have one of the top cornerbacks in the game for the past six seasons in Al Harris. In his early Packers career, I used to refer to him as “Solid,” i.e. Al “Solid” Harris, because that’s what he was – not […]

The Packers Cornerback Battle

While the Green Bay Packers certainly have some positions up for grabs this offseason – the entire offensive line, two defensive line spots, two outside linebacker spots, and fullback are in play, as well as who starts at safety alongside Nick Collins – there is one position that is more intriguing to me than any […]

Free Agency 2009: Week 2 Update

Let’s hope our new safety has learned his lesson. It’s true. After the wild and wacky first weekend of free agency and all the money that was thrown around, I needed a break. Besides that, after the first weekend, there wasn’t a lot of movement. As we chronicled, the Packers lost out on Chris Canty […]