Andrew Quarless

Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew Quarless could have returned against the Chicago Bears. That was the first game he was eligible to play in after doing time his time on short-term injured reserve with a sprained knee.

He did not and God’s Gifts hasn’t been able to practice yet either. That could change this week, according to coach Mike McCarthy.

As soon as Quarless returns to practice, that starts the clock for the Packers. They have 21 days to determine what to do with him — either add him to the active roster (and release someone else), put him on season-ending injured reserve or release him.

This is a fairly interesting situation.

For one, the Packers’ starting tight end, Richard Rodgers, shouldn’t be starting for the Suring High School JV. Is Quarless going to come in and be the Packers’ savior? There’s no chance of that.

Even when healthy, God’s Gifts wasn’t anything more than a mediocre player. Mediocre is better than DickRodge, though.

Then there’s that pesky NFL suspension issue.

Gifts was caught waving a gun around back in July and the league doesn’t exactly look kindly on that sort of thing. Yet, they’ve done nothing about it up to this point. It’s not really a question of if, though. It’s a question of when Quarless gets suspended and for how long.

The first thing he needs to do is get back on the field. Then we can watch it all play out with great excitement.