Aaron Rodgers and Bart Starr

Things haven’t been looking good for legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr lately, but they are looking up somewhat.

Starr suffered a lung infection in September. That reversed the progress he was making in his recovery from the heart attack and stroke he suffered the previous November. That progress had only come about because of an experimental stem cell treatment Starr received in June.

Since the setback, Starr has been undergoing rehab and looking toward a second stem cell treatment, but based on what his family says, he still isn’t anywhere near 100 percent and probably never will be. Starr seems to have lost most of the memories from his playing days. His family says he knows he has a big date coming up, but doesn’t quite seem to grasp its magnitude.

That date, of course, is the unveiling of Brett Favre’s retired number on Thanksgiving.

Favre has asked Starr to be there and Starr’s family says it now looks like he will be.

“If it were tomorrow, he’d be there,” Starr’s wife, Cherry, said.

Starr cannot walk without assistance or engage in conversation, although he can talk. The current plan has him being driven onto Lambeau Field in a cart for Favre’s ceremony.

Starr’s next stem cell treatment is in a little over a week, which could improve things before the game, but probably not substantially.

Sadly, even if he does improve, don’t expect Starr to speak on Thanksgiving. In fact, he may not even realize why he’s there, although his family hopes he does.

“I think when he gets (in the stadium), he’ll know,” Cherry said.

We’re pulling for Bart to make it back. It will likely be the last time he does.