Percy Harvin

Last week, we suggested the Green Bay Packers sign receiver Percy Harvin to replace Randall Cobb.

That’s when we thought Randall Cobb was leaving for more money. Such a move made sense at the time because Harvin and Cobb are similar players, but Harvin would clearly be a cheaper option.

Apparently, it’s an option that isn’t yet off the table, despite Cobb returning to the fold.

Although Harvin is currently visiting Buffalo, the Packers are reportedly still in the mix.

Why the Packers would be interested in Harvin at this point, we’re not really sure. They obviously have Cobb and they also have two younger, slot-type receivers in Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis.

That being said, we wouldn’t complain if they signed Harvin too.

He fits the Cobb mold in that he can do it all. In fact, Harvin is a better return man and rusher than Cobb is. He could be a sort-of Swiss Army knife in the Packers offense.

Obviously, this would have to a right-price-for-the-Packers kind of deal. In our minds, that makes it unlikely since there are still other teams interested.