Brandon Bostick

The Green Bay Packers have released tight end Brandon Bostick, the news of which was apparently broken by Bostick himself.

Most people know the name Brandon Bostick because of the botched onside kick recovery in the NFC Championship game. On the play, Bostick was supposed to block, but ended up trying to field the ball and failing, which allowed Seattle to recover. The Seahawks would take their first lead of the game shortly thereafter.

If you think that’s the reason Bostick is no longer a Packer, however, then you’re sadly misinformed.

Bostick was supposed to play a role in the Packers offense in 2014, perhaps even a major role. Unfortunately for him, he got injured in the preseason and missed the start of the regular season. When he returned, there was nary a snap available for him on offense, despite Andrew Quarless being his usual average self and rookie Richard Rodgers being (mostly) a disaster.

There were rumors that Bostick’s lack of playing time was because he had a sense of entitlement. And the fastest way run yourself out of playing time in Green Bay is to not work hard and think you’re owed something.

The simple fact that the Packers ultimately refused to play Bostick despite their tight end position resembling a tire fire tells us there was something else going on. Immaturity is our guess.

It was noted to me earlier Monday that Bostick posted something to Facebook over the weekend about passing out in an Uber after a night of partying and getting a $500 bill. There’s no sign of that post anymore, but making it public to begin with is certainly not the brightest thing you can do if you’re a professional athlete.

Releasing Bostick certainly wasn’t a salary cap move. He was due to make $585,000 this season, which is a pittance by NFL standards.

It’s an unfortunate end to a career that once looked promising. A college wide receiver at Division II Newberry College, the Packers converted Bostick to tight end after signing him as an undrafted free agent in 2012.

He spent all of that season on the practice squad before getting his shot on the 53-man roster in 2013. Bostick had seven catches for 120 yards and a touchdown in 2013 before ending the year on injured reserve. Of those seven catches, a number were highlight-reel type, which is what had everyone so excited about Bostick entering 2014.

He seemed to bring the type of athleticism to the position that former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley brought and it was suggested that he could be the replacement for Finley.

For whatever reason, he never got that chance, finishing 2014 with two catches for three yards.

And now, he never will get that chance.

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