David Bakhtiari

This probably isn’t huge cause for concern, but Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari was limited at practice on Thursday.

Reason: sore back.

Now, Buffoon says they’re just being cautious with him and that’s a swell idea. We just had some Chad Clifton flashbacks though.

That dude was a pretty good left tackle for a lot of years in Green Bay. Then his body started to fall apart. Like, you’d be walking down the hall at 1265 and you’d trip over a piece of Clifton.

Just literally falling right apart.

Anyway, you know what ended Clifton’s career? Bad back.

Big difference here, of course. Clifton was 35 when he was forced into retirement. Bakhtiari is 23.

Of course, it isn’t a good sign that you’re starting to have issues with your back at 23 either.

Bakhtiari has been rag dolling motherfuckers this year. At least in pass protection…

He’s been dominant there. For some reason, he can’t run block for shit. But who cares? The Packers can just run to the other side.

One thing we did notice — or more accurately, that Shawn noticed — is that last week was probably Bakhtiari’s worst game of the season.

Probably not coincidence that he’s taking it easy with a sore back today.

Also, maybe Bakhtiari should stop hoisting Randall Cobb over his head when Randy gets in the end zone from now on.

Just a suggestion.

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