Jumal Rolle

Cornerback Jumal Rolle is no more.

He didn’t disappear from the face of the earth or anything. He just went and signed with the Houston Texans on Tuesday. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s the same thing.

Rolle, as you’ll recall, has been getting the high hard one from Big Ted since the Green Bay Packers announced their final roster cuts.

First of all, he didn’t make the roster, even though he clearly deserved to. The guy was a menace to opposing offenses in the preseason. Instead, Big Ted kept his boy, sixth-round pick Demetri Goodson, as the team’s sixth cornerback.

Possibly complicating that decision was the fact that Goodson had a concussion at the time. Had the Packers cut him, they would have had to pay him an injury settlement and then couldn’t have re-signed him for six weeks.

Nonetheless, Rolle outplayed Goodson by a wide margin, but Goodson got the roster spot. There were rumors that, after Goodson was healthy, he would get waived and Rolle would be brought up from the practice squad, which is where he went after being released.

That never happened and Goodson, who obviously won’t be contributing anything this year, has been inactive for the first four games.

This gets even dumber. A couple weeks ago, Child Warrior Andy Mulumba tore an ACL. Lost for the year. Sent to IR.

The Packers never filled that roster spot. So they could have brought a guy who earned a roster spot up to the roster at any point since putting Mulumba on injured reserve two weeks ago.

Refused to do so for whatever reason.

This week, the Texans came calling and guess what? Rolle, probably tired of getting pounded in the ass by Big Ted, went and signed with them.

We’re not sure if the Packers offered Rolle that open roster spot. They most likely did. They’ve brought practice squad players up to the roster when other teams have tried to poach them in the past.

But why would Rolle even consider it at this point?

In Houston, he’ll probably get a chance to play. In Green Bay, he’s not playing unless someone gets injured. That, and he doesn’t have to get fucked anymore.

Let’s be clear here. We don’t get worked up about shit like this because the Packers just let a future All-Pro walk away. Rolle would have been buried on the depth chart in Green Bay.

Our problem is with the face that he earned the right to be buried on the depth chart in Green Bay.