Corey Linsley

Of course there’s going to be some trash talking when the Seattle Seahawks defense is involved. Linebacker Bruce Irvin appears to be trying to get in rookie center Corey Linsley’s head.

You know because he’s a rookie and he better be afraid of the big, bad Seahawks.

Irvin says they’re praying for Linsley because he’ll be facing Brandon Mebane.

“If I’m a rookie and I’ve got Brandon Mebane my first game – he’s one of the best nose tackles in the league – it’s going to be big for him,” Irvin said. “I’m gonna pray for him. It’s going to be a long night, man.”

That’s a good Ween song — It’s Gonna Be a Long Night. A bit of a Motorhead ripoff, but good nonetheless.

Oh, the Seahawks. Right.

Mebane is pretty good, we suppose. He had 45 tackles last season, which is more than double what B.J. Raji or Ryan Pickett had last season.

No sacks though.

Of course, the last time the Packers saw these creeps back in 2012, they had a field day against the offensive line.

Mebane abused Jeff Saturday like a rented mule, recording two sacks on the night. He had three all season. Irvin did the same to Bryan Bulaga, recording two sacks of his own.

Thankfully, Saturday is retired and Bulaga has given way to the steadier David Bakhtiari on the left side.

So yeah, talk is cheap.