Lance Easley

The Fail Mary. This will probably be the only time we mention it this week because who gives a shit? The Green Bay Packers got robbed and that’s that. But of course people are dredging up Lance Easley, the ref who made that shit call.

“Hey! Remember that time that you royally fucked the Green Bay Packers?”

“Why yes, I do. Let’s talk about it so I can promote my book!”

The Green Bay Press Gazette got on that train this week because… quality journalism!

They basically went over the same shit that’s been gone over a million times. In short, Easley still feels he made the right call and he wasn’t paying any attention to pass interference, blatant or otherwise.

And then this. Easley would love to visit you all in Green Bay!

“I’d love to come to Green Bay someday to speak with people and let them know, just share my heart with them,” Easley says. “I’d just tell them that, ‘Hey, this is what happened, this is what I saw from my perspective.’ I think that most people see it, and they go, ‘Oh, I can see why you thought what you did, or why you saw what you saw.’ I think when people hear me explain it, they’re a little bit more empathetic. They see me as a human being, and not just some guy that had any stake in the game or anything.

“I was in a tough spot. Any referee is in a tough spot, but we were the guys who weren’t even supposed to be there, so throw that into it. And, you know, I think that’s a great lesson that everybody goes through. People say, ‘Well, I wasn’t supposed to be there.’ No, you were there, so you’re supposed to be there.”

In other words, could someone please pay me for a speaking engagement? I would be happy to accept your insults so long as there’s money involved.

This guy is a motivational speaker now, you know. He travels the country telling audiences the uplifting story of how you can be a total fuck up and then turn that into a bunch of money. Or something like that…

And then you can also buy his book, which has a similar theme.