Jumal Rolle

Who’s running this clown show? That’s what I’d like to know. On Monday, the Green Bay Packers re-signed cornerback Jumal Rolle, who they cut on Saturday.

This time, he’s on the practice squad. On Sunday, it was reported that Rolle was part of the practice squad. Then the Packers released their 10-man practice squad and Rolle’s name was not on it.

Well, now it is.

Of course, to make room for Rolle — one of the stars of the preseason — the Packers had to release someone. And that someone was receiver Alex Gillett.

So let me ask you this. What sense did it make to sign Gillett to the practice squad on Sunday, knowing you were going to sign Rolle on Monday and release Gillett?

Did you just want to fuck with the guy?

Maybe see what would happen to his psyche after being cut twice in the space of three days?

Play a joke on him?

“Hey kid, we’re signing you to the practice squad! Just kidding! I got you good, you fucker!”

We don’t have an answer. There has also been speculation that there might be some more roster tinkering coming.

Demetri Goodson, who presumably beat out Rolle for the sixth cornerback spot, is dealing with a concussion. If the Packers had cut him on Saturday, they would have had to pay him an injury settlement.

The rumors have it that they still want to release Goodson, who obviously isn’t ready to contribute this year, and put him on the practice squad. They could then elevate someone to the active roster.

Is that guy Rolle? Only if there’s any justice.

Alex Gillett would probably tell you there isn’t.