Richard Rodgers

You surely remember the last time you saw Green Bay Packers tight end Richard Rodgers. He was getting mauled by Detroit Lions defensive end Jason Jones.

That mauling in conjunction with T.J. Lang’s out and out whiff on linebacker DeAndre Levy resulted in Eddie Lacy getting crushed in the backfield for a safety — the Packers second of the season.

After the play, Rodgers disappeared. At least from game action.

However, he insists that he did not get benched.

“People can think what they want, but I didn’t get taken out of the game,” Rodgers said. “I was going to go back in, but we went to our four-receiver set.

“I’ve done an alright job. There’s always room for improvement. That one play won’t define my whole career as a blocker.”

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…

There’s so much wrong with that five-sentence statement.

First of all, you have not done an alright job. You have no receptions and you cannot block. Back in the preseason — when everyone but us was real quick to polish your knob and anoint you as the second coming of Paul Coffman — that’s when you did alright.

This isn’t the preseason anymore.

Second of all, you need to look up the term “benched.”

It’s exactly what happened to you. You were not allowed to go back into the game and instead, got to sit on the bench. Oh, and it’s real coincidental that it happened after a play that you got blown the fuck up on, isn’t it?

But hey, please don’t take any responsibility. We don’t want your delicate ego to be injured.

The fact that the Packers went to a four-receiver set shows that Rodgers got benched. The fact that Andrew Quarless played the majority of the game and the entire second half shows Rodgers got benched. The fact that Rodgers never went back in the game shows Rodgers got benched.

Just because no one actually said the words, “You’re benched, Dick!” doesn’t mean it wasn’t so.

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