Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

We’ve never known Aaron Rodgers to be the kind of guy to pat himself on the back. Yet, there he was yesterday patting himself on the back.

And on top of being self-congratulatory, which we LOVE, he was overly pleased with himself for something that quite a few people didn’t even want — the return of Brett Favre (who knows the definition of a real Packers fan).

“I’ve kind of been on the forefront of getting this thing done, you know, in my own way,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to make sure my voice was out there and behind Brett coming back. I think it’s important to bring him back into the fold. It was a great thing to be able to announce that and retire his number and put his number in the Packer Hall of Fame, which is obvious – of course it’s going to happen. He’s one of the greatest Packers of all-time and one of the greatest NFL players of all-time. It’s good to get him back here and hopefully get him here in the fall, as well.”

Oh, well, thanks buddy! Thanks for making this magical event happen, which we are all so grateful for!

You are the man!

Seriously, what the fuck?

Maybe Rodgers has gone off and gotten a big head now that he’s banging Olivia Munn.

“Hey, look at me. Look at what I did!”

Maybe he’s been hanging around with Favre and is now delusional just like that prick.

“All fans love you, Brett. You must come back and I will make that happen!”


Maybe just go out and chuck 50 touchdown passes and keep your mouth shut from now on, Aaron.