Remember Scott Mitchell? Detroit Lions legend, Scott Mitchell?

He expertly quarterbacked the Leos for five seasons, compiling an overall record of 27-30, which is a stupendous five-year run if you’re the Detroit Lions.

Mitchell now looks like this.

Scott Mitchell

That’s a double chin that Jay Cutler would be proud of!

So this useless bastard has ballooned to 366 pounds. It says so right on his shirt! How’s that for some good old fashioned public shaming?

Kind of like making someone wear a Detroit Lions jersey…

As you can probably also see, this fat fuck is going to be on The Biggest Loser. Because losing weight at an extremely fast pace is both healthy and safe!

Will we be tuning in? Not a chance in hell, but we will be laughing heartily at this picture of Fat Scott Mitchell for the rest of the day.