You know him and love him. He is Cutty! The one and only Jay Cutler.

Actually, there’s more than one Jay Cutler. But we all know there’s only one Cutty! You cannot teach such awesomeness and therefore, Cutty! is truly one of a kind, despite his name not being so.

But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that Cutty! has ceased to be a cat and he’s now a pig.

Why was Cutty! a cat? I really couldn’t tell you. I guess because there was a time when he liked to shit in a litter box.

Jay Cutler litter box

But no more!

El Cutay! (that’s Spanish for Cutty!) now sleeps and roots in his own shit!

But hey, he’s one charming motherfuckin’ pig!

Just look at him, being all doooooooooooooon’t caaaaaaaaaaaare and playing dead there at the county fair. The Ozaukee County Fair in Cedarburg, WI to be exact.

That’s fucking adorable!

Jay Cutler the pig

This photo was taken on Friday. Somehow, Cutty! returned to human form and made it to Fan Fest for the Bears down in Chicago on Saturday.

Is there anything Cutty! can’t do?!