Clay Matthews for HUGO BOSS

OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT DREAMBOAT! Yes, it’s true. Clay Matthews is inspiring thousands of women to masturbate in his new ad for HUGO BOSS.

If you’re a guy, maybe you should walk around with this photo tucked in your pocket and then whip it out when you want to get laid. I mean, she’ll be pretending you’re Clay Matthews, but that’s totally irrelevant, isn’t it?

In all seriousness, the NFL now has an official fragrance and it’s made by HUGO BOSS.

Why? Because we NEED a cologne that smells like dirt, grass and sweat. Really, what else could the official fragrance of the NFL smell like?

Touchdowns don’t have a smell.

In addition to Matthews, DeMarcus Ware and Victor Cruz are also part of this campaign. Because nothing says class and refinement like the guy who shills for Time Warner Cable!

And yes, if you go ahead and click on that photo above, you’ll get a larger version. Don’t ever say we don’t do anything for you, ladies.