Colt Lyerla

As expected, no other team claimed rookie tight end Colt Lyerla on waivers. He’s once again property of the Green Bay Packers, as a member of their soon to be overflowing injured reserve.

The Packers took a calculated risk in waiving Lyerla with the injured designation on Tuesday. Any team could have claimed him, but considering he’s hurt, hasn’t played in an actual game in about a year and no teams were lining up to sign him after the draft, this was predictable.

Lyerla hurt his knee during Family Night, that great tradition of the Packers charging fans $10 to watch guys get injured.

Who will be lost for the season at next summer’s Family Night? We can’t wait to find out!

Lyerla’s injury was expected to keep him sidelined until right around the start of the regular season.

It will now keep him sidelined all season.

Lyerla won’t be able to practice with the team at all this season. However, since he was probably doing lines off a hooker’s ass at this time last year, at least he’s got some structure. Not to mention another chance to become a legit NFL player next summer.

In the meantime, Lyerla will get a chance to soak up the playbook, assignments and the other intricacies of playing tight end for the Packers.