Brett Favre

The Brett Favre Goodwill Tour is underway! Bam! Wooooo! Hell yeah!

Old Favrelous is running his pie hole on some Wisconsin radio programs. He was on WTMJ in Milwaukee this morning talking about his relationship with the Green Bay Packers and so forth.

This was his platform to tell us he has no regrets. Well, except for those regrets right there.

I’m not even making this shit up.

So, first, no regrets.

“You can’t go back. That’s the one thing I finally said, ‘It is what it is. It’s over. It’s done with. You can’t change that. You can change today and the future.'”

“I really don’t hold any regrets through my career. That goes from day one until the end.”

no ragrets

No ragrets, brah!

Oh, but wait. It sounds like maybe you have some regrets?

“… the way things ended in Green Bay is very unfortunate. We all can look back at something in our life… I share as much blame as anyone. It’s over and done with. We’re underway in getting a resolution here and it’s a good thing. We move on. We move past it.”



“I can sit here and name so many things from a regret standpoint that I do regret, but there’s nothing I can do about it know but change from this thing forward.”

So to summarize, Brett Favre has no regrets. Well, except those regrets right there.