Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn: The Denim Twins

The Green Bay Packers held their annual Welcome Back Packers Luncheon at Lambeau Field on Wednesday. The event lets the locals hob nob with the players over lunch.

Most of the players dress up in suits and the like. Not Aaron Rodgers.

Last year, he let the American flag vomit all over him. This year, he hooked up with Matt Flynn to form the dandy duo, The Denim Twins.

They were literally covered in denim from head to toe. Lots of denim. Flynn has two jackets on. Rodgers went with the more rednecky look of denim vest with bolo tie.

Flynn clearly has the look down. How do you stand when you’re wearing all denim? With a thumb in each pants pocket, of course!

Like you’re Joe Fucking Cool!

Part of us feels like Rodgers is just making fun of the people who show up to this thing with his attire. I mean, let’s be honest. There are people in Green Bay who actually dress like this. Most people at the event probably assume this is normal or even nice attire.

They don’t get the joke.

But hey, we will not be the ones to thwart the righteous actions of The Denim Twins.