Aaron Rodgers: ice bucket challenge

This is called the ice bucket challenge and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took it. Basically, you just stand there while someone dumps a bucket of ice water over your head.

Sounds pretty stupid and it is, but people are doing it to raise awareness for ALS. That’s swell, but we wonder if it wouldn’t just be better if they donated some money to an ALS charity if they’re so¬†concerned.

Anyway, you do it on video and then you call out some other fools to do it too. If memory serves me, someone on the Brewers did it the other day and called out Rodgers. Pretty sure that someone wasn’t Ryan Braun.

After his, Rodgers calls out his buddy, actor Brian Baumgartner, former Packers tight end Tom Crabtree and musician Darius Rucker. That’s right. Hootie!