Ted Thompson

That joyous day that we have all pined for for so long is finally here. The Green Bay Packers have locked up general manager Ted Thompson with a shiny, new multi-year contract extension.

Big Ted! Woooooooooooooo!

The length or worth of the contract hasn’t been released and we don’t expect it to be. The Packers typically keep organizational contract details close to the vest. Thompson’s previous deal ran through the 2016 draft.

Here’s what Big Ted had to say.

“I’m very honored to work in this position with such fine people. The more you think about it, you don’t want to walk away from something like this. I’ve got a lot of good friends here and co-workers that I enjoy coming to work with every day. …To get a chance to continue to do this, when you put all the chips on the table, it’s no choice. I want to be here. From a negative standpoint, it’s easy to say I’ll ride off into the sunset. But I have people I’m responsible for, too. …There’s a certain amount of responsibility for the people you work for.”

Rumors were starting to circulate that Thompson was thinking about hanging it up early this offseason. He quickly put those to rest, saying he’s just getting started. That’s when team president Mark Murphy stepped in and announced that getting Big Ted a Big Extension was a priority.

There was word the Packers had also approached Mike McCarthy about a contract extension. However, since Thompson makes the ultimate decision on the coach, his deal needed to get done first.

Now that it is done, it shouldn’t be long before McCarthy gets a new deal. His current contract runs through the end of next season.