Brett Favre

You know that saying, what would Jesus do? Well, in Mark Murphy’s eyes, Mark Murphy is Jesus. And Jesus would embrace Brett Favre when he returns to Green Bay.

Old Ginger Gap Tooth set the stage for the Triumphant Return of Lord Favre today after the circle jerk that is known as the Green Bay Packers shareholder’s meeting.

There have been reports that The Lord is afraid of getting booed upon his return to Lambeau, although The Lord denies that he or The Ego would be hurt by such a thing. You know and I know there are going to be some people who boo Lord Favre and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

Because that’s what happens when you are the type of lowly piece of shit who goes to play for the Vikings in order to spite the Packers. Some people will remain angry at you and they have every right to feel however they want to about that.

But Jesus lives in another world. A world where bygones are bygones, the other cheek is turned and time heals all wounds.

“I’m very hopeful that when he does come back that he will be fully, fully supported by our fans,” Murphy said. “I’m confident in that. In terms of when he would come back, we’ve had ongoing discussions with him, very good relations. We are talking about bringing him back for a game this year. We had discussions last year about bringing him back for a game; those were not fruitful, but we’re hopeful we can get him back for a game this year.”

You better not just support Lord Favre. You better not just support him fully. That’s not good enough.

You must support The Great Brett Favre fully, fully. That’s full support and then another full dose of support on top of the first one, in case you were wondering what the hell that meant.

So, clearly The Lord will return sometime this year. GGT is sure no one will boo him at all. That they will support him fully, twice over.

At least, that’s what he’s telling you that he expects.

Frankly, we think he’s as disconnected from the fan base as Favre.

Have most people forgiven the treachery? Probably. Some haven’t. Some never will. And you know what? It’s their right to treat Favre however the hell they see fit when he returns to Lambeau Field.

They are, after all, the ones who put the money in these two clowns’ pockets.