Datone Jones

Defensive end Datone Jones was a disappointment in his rookie season. You’ll get that label when you’re a first-round pick and watch your playing time get reduced as the season goes on.

Well, he’s sick of hearing about it. And of course he promises this season will be different.

Jones says he’s going to make the second-year jump. You know we love talk of the second-year jump. Some guy gets tagged as the guy who’s going to make the mythical jump prior to training camp every year. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn’t.

In theory, it’s sensible. The guy has been in the system for a year, he knows what his role is and knows what to expect from the NFL talent he’s facing. So if he doesn’t produce in year two, then he probably isn’t going to produce at all.

In that respect, Jones BETTER make the second-year jump.

The Green Bay Packers are seemingly giving him every opportunity to do so. They haven’t re-signed Johnny Jolly or Ryan Pickett, both of whom started on the defensive line last year. That flung the door wide open for Jones to claim a starting spot.

He just has to go do it. Perhaps fortunately for the Packers, just being a starter isn’t all Jones wants.

“I won’t be satisfied until I’m the best in the league,” Jones said. “That’s the only way I’d be satisfied. Other than that, I still won’t be satisfied until I retire. No matter what year I have next year or the years to come, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied.

“Even if I have a great all-pro year, I still won’t be satisfied. I want to get better.”

That’s a whole lot of not being satisfied and that’s swell.

That’s kind of how we feel about Jones’ play up to this point. Unsatisfied.

So go kill ’em all, son!