Oh, so ESPN is asking fans what the greatest play in Green Bay Packers history is. Well, they’ve got this all wrong, as usual.

Your choices are as follows.

  • “Ice Bowl” — Bart Starr sneaks in from 1 yard to win ’67 NFL Championship
  • Brett Favre hits Andre Rison for 54-yard TD in Super Bowl XXXI
  • Aaron Rodgers connects with Greg Jennings on 3rd-and-10 to clinch Super Bowl XLV

First of all, the Ice Bowl is the obvious choice out of those three just for being the most iconic play in football history. Yes, not in Packers history. In football history.

You can make all the arguments you want for The Immaculate Reception, but no one thinks of a fluke play like that when they think of football.

Second of all, the other two plays weren’t even the best plays of their respective games.

Super Bowl XXXI? Yeah, I know. You somehow have to get Brett Favre’s name in there, but fuck that. The play in that game was Desmond Howard going 99 yards on a kickoff return for the dagger.

Super Bowl XLV? Right. Same goes for Rodgers. However, the play in that game was Nick Collins’ 37-yard interception return for a touchdown in the first quarter.

Really though, none of these are the greatest play in Green Bay Packers history.

I know what it is and you know what it is.

It was the play that crushed the very souls of a million Chicago Bears fans and left them perpetually stuck in 1985 forever. Dynasty denied, motherfuckers!

Charles Martin

Oh, it makes me smile every time I watch it. So let’s watch it!