DuJuan Harris

You all know about DuJuan Harris. Went from the Green Bay Packers starting running back to injured reserve to third-string running back all in just over a year.

It’s not necessarily his fault. It’s more about Easy Ed and James Starks tearing shit up in his absence.

About the only good news Harris has gotten in the past year is that, a. he’s healthy again and, b. Johnathan Franklin’s career is over.

The latter gives Harris a clear path to making the roster. Basically, just don’t get injured again and you’re good to go. The bad news is, No. 3 running backs don’t get a lot of touches. Franklin found that out last year.

So what do you think about that DuJuan? Paul Imig asked Harris about the upcoming season and he produced this bizarre response.

“Going through all that stuff, it’s just feeding the monster,” Harris said. “It’s feeding the monster. The monster is hungry and it’s just feeding it. Once he explodes, it’s like, ‘oh, my God, he’s been there the whole time; you’ve just been feeding him. He was hungry the whole time, you’re just feeding him.'”

If you’re keeping score, Harris refers to feeding the monster five times right there.

What is the monster in this case? Don’t know.

What are you feeding him? Not sure.

What’s he gonna do? Darned if I know.

We THINK Harris was trying to make some analogy where the monster is him and the food is his motivation to succeed. He went on to talk about how he’ll do whatever it takes to put food on the table.

“It’s really just showing that I’m not trying to give up,” Harris said. “I’m not trying to give up on anything. I’m a go-getter, I’m going to try to eat any way possible I can. That’s how people can take it. If I’ve got to sell a car to eat, so be it; I’ll sell a car. If I’ve got to go out here, bleed and sweat and everything else to eat, I’ll go eat. If I’ve got to go into construction and lift rocks and throw rocks, whatever, so be it.”

You know, we’re all pulling for DuJuan. He is, after all, the used car salesman inside all of us (and an actual used car salesman).

That being said, he sounds like a guy who’s pushing a little too much. You see it all the time. A guy loses his job because of an injury, then comes back and either loses his focus and/or confidence or injures himself trying to do more than he should.

Those guys usually end up out of the game pretty quickly.

Are we doubting Harris? No.

But we’ve seen these things happen before.