DuJuan Harris carrying a bike


You know how the local kids wait about with their bikes and then Green Bay Packers players ride those bikes from the Don Hutson Center, where they practice, over to Lambeau Field, where the locker room is, after training camp practices. That’s been going on since I was a kid.

It used to be totally organic, but like everything else with the Packers, it has become a fully-orchestrated process that the organization rules over with an iron fist. Gotta make sure every photo opp and potential advertising space is taken advantage of, you know.

Anyway, this tiny girl and her tiny bike showed up on Monday. She was paired up with running back DuJuan Harris, who is way too damn big for that bike.

So he carried the bike and held the girl’s hand as he walked to practice.

It’s almost as if it was staged. Probably just pure coincidence the team photographer was there to document it…