Chris Kluwe

I love this. Chris Kluwe is really, really pissed off at his former employer, the Minnesota Vikings.

Kluwe says the Vikings cut him because of his outspoken views on gay marriage. There was an independent investigation, which resulted in the suspension of homophobic special teams coach Mike Pfeiffer on Friday. He got three games.

Before the suspension was announced, Kluwe decided he was suing the Vikings. He wanted the results of the investigation made public. The Vikings did not and we can only imagine why.

We also know the Vikings tried pay Kluwe to go away. I mean… they offered him a settlement.

He declined and the Vikings still wouldn’t budge on releasing the report.

Obviously nothing to see here. Everyone PLEASE just move along!

Well, Kluwe is not going to let that happen. He started dropping bombs on Twitter that included this beauty.

This can only get better. We’ll be watching how it all unfolds because… fuck the Vikings.